【1000th Day Anniversary!】 50-Soul Shard Selector

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【1000th Day Anniversary!】 50-Soul Shard Selector
[1000th Day Anniversary!] 50-Soul Shard Selector

5★‎ Other

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[1,000th Day Anniversary!] Use this ticket to summon 50 Soul Shards for one 3★, 4★, or 5★ Rare Summon unit of your choice. (Units released on or before 9/2018 only. Does not include Sharon, Hozuki, Wilhelm, Sol, Orion, Bertha, Birgitta, or Collaboration units.) Can be purchased using Paid Gems. Once purchased, the ticket will be shown in your Gifts. (Tap the item icon to show details.)
Enhancer Pts2
Zeni Sales Price400