(Event) EO - Get collab unit - Gunner and new collab gear!

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News,1129,Banner sekaijyu3 EN 1554878949119.png Event Period
April 11, 12:00 AM - April 24, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 11, 1:00 AM - April 25, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Clear Ep 1 and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain the collab Limited Unit - Gunner!

You can unlock the unique Job using the Job Tokens obtained from clearing Quest Mission!

Clear the event and complete Milestone Missions to also obtain the unique job equipment!


News,1129,news banner newUnit Gunner EN 1554804667557.png

Job: Gunner
Fixed Ability: Ranged Shooter
Basic Ability: Basic Ranged Shooter
Reaction: Haltshot (Chance of performing counter & inflicting Paralyze when receiving Dmg [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])
Passive 1: Gun Mastery (Raises Missile ATK Power/Hit Rate)
Passive 2: TEC Up (Raises power of elemental skills for Basic Ranged Shooter abilities)

A Gunner from the High Lagaard who is investigating the labyrinth. Witty and clever, Gunner's specialty is finding the weak point in their target from afar and hitting it with a bullet. Seems cool-headed, but can get very excited about adventuring.

You can also obtain job equipment for Protector, Dancer Shenmei and Shaman!

Gunner Training Challenge

News,1129,news banner eo challenge gunner EN 1554724399160.png

Grow Gunner and get rewarded with this challenge!

Clear the Challenge Missions to obtain items such as Gems, Water Soul Shard and 5★ Equipment 10-Summon Ticket!

Complete the set to obtain [Etrian Odyssey] Featured 2★ Gear Selector!
Use this Ticket to obtain a 2★ Gear of your choice from Etrian Odyssey. (Protector Shield / Sacrifice Ritual)

Collab Gear for Shaman, Harbinger, Protector, Sovereign

News,1129,news banner gear Shaman EN 1554802063473.png

Sacrifice Ritual
Attributes: MATK Up, MDEF Up, Max Jewels Up, chance of Bind, unlocks Master Ability "Reverent Light of Protection" when equipped on Shamans (Fully recovers HP of units in area around self & doubles PDEF/MDEF until next turn [Area: Diamond (7), Height Range: 2])

News,1129,news banner gear Harbinger EN 1554802209113.png

Doom Scythe
Attributes: PATK Up, DEX Up, CRIT Up, Chance of Delay, unlocks Master Ability "Armament -Offering-" when equipped on Harbingers (Dark Slash ATK, Death Sentence, chance of critical [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])

News,1129,news banner gear Protector EN 1554802296393.png

Protector Shield
Attributes: Raises PDEF/MDEF/AGI (Chance of raising PDEF) Enables Master Ability "Fortify" when equipped on Protector (Raises PDEF, MDEF, All Elements Res, and Jewels Obtained for three turns)

News,1129,news banner gear Sovereign EN 1554802386461.png

Sovereign Scepter
Attributes: Raises MATK/AGI/LUCK (Chance of Daze) Enables Master Ability when equipped to Sovereign if her job type is "Sovereign" (Recovers HP of ally units within area around self & casts Auto Heal & raises PATK and MATK for three turns [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2])


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