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(Updated_April_4)_Monthly_Updates_-_April[edit | edit source]

[Updated April 4] Unfortunately, due to changes in Lizardman migration patterns this year, Dreamy Sacred Stone will not be able to proceed as stated in our monthly update. We are doing our utmost to ensure the return of the Lizardmen, so please stay tuned!

Etrian Odyssey

News,1101,news header eo collab 1553698156765.png

Yggdrasil, the legendary tree of life and Heroes of Lagaard are arriving to THE ALCHEMIST CODE! Yes, Etrian Odyssey is here! This collab will be featuring Fencer, Dragoon Chloe, Harbinger, Gunner, Sovereign, Shaman, Protector, and Dancer Shenmei. Not only will some Etrian Odyssey units receive Enchanted Jobs, they will also receive Enlightenment to help maximize their potential! You can summon them this month and take advantage of their unique jobs and their master abilities. There will also be special login bonuses during the collaboration so log in to collect the rewards. You won’t want to miss any of them, so stay tuned for more information that we will be announcing on our social media channels!

Chapter 4 Episode 2 Act 1

News,1101,Banner CH4 EP2 ACT01 EN 1554112932042.png

Tina, who has the power of foresight, had a vision that Voda would be slain by Georgios in the future. The existence of Voda is crucial to the Voda faction, but with the current state of Tina and her friends, there is no chance of victory against Georgios. In order to attain victory, Tina and her friends have to bring the Voda and Fuu factions together. Will they be able to persuade both Voda and Fuu? What other troubles lie ahead for Tina and her friends? Find out more in the next Act of Tina’s Story!

Introducing Hisham

News,1101,Banner e170401 EN 1554107986198.png Recruit a new unit by clearing Hisham’s Challenge Board! Power up Hisham by unlocking his Job+ available through his unique EX quest! There are also many rewards that will be awarded as you strengthen Hisham. Don’t miss out all on all these awesome content coming along your way!

Enchanted Jobs

News,1101,news header GL enchanted jobs tsanglei EN 1553851379849.png

Get ready to power up your units! Introducing the new Enchanted Job - Enchanter! Remember to level up your units to the requirement for their Enchanted Jobs! Each different Enchanted Job changes the original skills or abilities in a specific field. Different parameters of the unit may increase or decrease depending on the specialized focus of the Enchanted Job. Do check out our news for more information!

Hard Quest

News,1101,news header new hard quest EN 1553698193513.png

We will be rolling out the hard quests for the following units:


News,1101,news header characterstory Sophia Eizan Setsuna EN 1553851372025.png

We will also be rolling out the character stories for the following units:


And that’s all we have for April’s updates.

There will also be community events happening throughout the month. Be sure to check out our social media for additional details!


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