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Raids are a feature which allow the members of your Alchemia Port to combat strong enemies together. The objective is to take down bosses within a limited number of daily battles. Each player battles separately but their damage is added to the total against the boss until they are defeated. You must be a member of an Alchemia Port to participate and must be at least player level 100.

You can get both personal rewards for participating in killing raid bosses and also help your guild rank higher to acquire better rewards. During an active raid you can't leave your Alchemia Port.

Example of Alchemia Port Raid interface

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Boss Points[edit | edit source]

  • To battle a boss you must have a battle point available.
  • You get 1 battle point for every 120 AP spent on quests.
  • You can spend a maximum of 3 battle points a day on bosses.
  • Battle points are reset every day at reset (12:00 AM World Time). Unused points do not carry over
  • If you defeat the boss, your battle point will not be consumed, but the turn count from the previous boss will be carried over to the next one you attack and you must use the same team for that boss

Parties[edit | edit source]

  • 5 units plus 2 sub-units for a total of 7 can take part in boss battles.
  • You may only use each unit in one boss battle per day. (resets at 12:00 AM World Time)
  • You can see the history of other port member battles in the log, and can copy parties from there.

Trials[edit | edit source]

  • You can practice against bosses in trials- BP will not count in trials and bosses can be battled multiple times.
  • Damage inflicted on bosses in trial mode does not apply to the actual boss.

Rankings[edit | edit source]

  • Rankings are scored by the total amount of damage inflicted on bosses by the Alchemia Port members (modified by the score multiplier for each boss). The final rankings are announced after the raid ends and rewards will be sent to gifts.
  • Damage that exceeds the boss HP in the finishing attack will not be counted towards rankings.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The following reward types are available from an Alchemia Port Raid

  • Kill Reward for Defeating a Boss - all port members receive this reward when the boss is defeated
  • Damage Contribution Reward - if you damage a boss, you will receive a reward proportional to the amount of damage inflicted
  • Last Attack Reward - the player making the final attack on the boss receives this reward
  • Damage Ranking Reward - you receive a reward based on how much damage you did on the boss relative to the other members of your Alchemia Port

Port Shop[edit | edit source]

The Port Shop can be accessed by members of the Alchemia Port. You can raise the shop's facility level by contributing Zeni, up to 10 million per day per player. Each facility level unlocks more items in the shop (maximum level is 12). Items in the shop are purchased with Port Coins which are rewarded from raiding.

Raid History[edit | edit source]