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Thunder Aruba


Tags Human, Male
Gender Male
Origin Saga Region (サガ地方)
Source Summon
Height 161cm Weight 53kg
Birthday May 11 Blood Type Type Ki
Zodiac Moon of the Thunderous Emperor
Likes Animals and nature
Hobbies Playing flute, counting the stars
Illustrator だーくろ
CV 山村響

Aruba is a young boy who found a mythical beast named Leoferes, who asserts that they can change the world. His parents got killed by an organization that was going after mythical beasts, so he was raised instead alongside Leoferes’ two whelps, Kiki and Adel. The two of them are like siblings to him, so spending time with them always produces excitement.


Stat Min Max Avg per Lv
Ui icon stat hp.png 88 472 4.52
Ui icon stat mp.png 52 208 1.84
Ui icon stat atk.png 40 152 1.32
Ui icon stat def.png 26 94 0.8
Ui icon stat mag.png 35 125 1.06
Ui icon stat mnd.png 33 117 0.99
Ui icon stat dex.png 41 146 1.24
Ui icon stat spd.png 48 93 0.53
Ui icon stat cri.png 36 128 1.08
Ui icon stat luk.png 45 160 1.35

Leader Skill

Thunderer's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 30% & PATK by 20% for Thunder units

Master Skills

Master Ability
Greatly raises Initial Jewels & raises Skill Use Count by 1

TODO - Add skill info: AB_ARUBA_MA_01
TODO - Master Quest: QE_CH_ARUBA_3

Available Jobs

Merchant Merchant LimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Beast Tamer Beast Tamer LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Dragon Cavalier Dragon Cavalier LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png

Limit Break

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Misc Stats[edit source]

These are stats that haven't been included in the page yet.


grow: R6

AI Related

search: 3


ma_lv: 1
ma_rarity: 5