Attacks Ignoring Defense

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Some quests contain units which have very high physical or magic defense which can cause your units to do only 1 or very little damage to the unit. One strategy for working around this problem is to use attacks which completely ignore defense.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • Amestrian 1st Lieutenant: Double Fire
  • Assassin: Bamboo Split
  • Beast Tamer: Demon Vanquisher (Flamel Beast Tamer+)
  • Crafter: Armor Piercing Shot
  • Dark Cavalier: Dark Domain (Dark Cavalier [Zeele]), Life Eater (Dark Cavalier [Zeele])
  • Demonic Spearman: Cross Impact
  • Dragon Slayer: Draconic Slam
  • Flame Dragon King: Draconic Swipe
  • Lion Monarch: Thunderous Roaring Flurry
  • Machinist: Dynamic Buster Bomb
  • Noble Emissary: Deep and Dreamless Slumber (behind only)
  • Prince's Protector: Antagonize
  • Prodigious Savant: Alchemia Strike
  • Rider: Penetration (behind only)
  • Samurai: Steel Cutting Blade, Steel Cutting Flash
  • Shadow Assassin: Dark Crow (behind only), Soul Slicer (behind only)
  • Sniper: Assault Burst
  • Thief: Sneak Attack (behind only)
  • Wandering Swordsman: Shattering Slash
  • Wild Beast Tamer: Lion Strike

Weapon Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Gram & Balmung: Devastating Finish (Siegfried)
  • Stoss Spear: Highwind (Aranea)
  • Piercing Dawn Spear: Dead the End (Kudanstein Demonic Spearman+)
  • Spinning Blade: (Basheeny)