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The Auto Repeat feature can automatically repeat a quest and reward the items dropped from the selected quest.

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Requirements to Use[edit | edit source]

  • All missions on the quest must have previously been cleared
  • The duration of the quest clear must have been measured previously- to do this, clear the quest at least once on auto without a mercenary with the "measure" setting turned on
  • Can't be currently repeating another quest
  • Minimum player level 100

Measuring a Quest[edit | edit source]

To use auto repeat, you must first clear the quest on auto using the "measure" feature turned on, with no mercenary. This records the time it takes to clear the quest, which will be used when auto repeating a quest. If you wish, you can try to measure again for a better time- the saved time for clear will not be updated unless it is better than your previous measurement, so you don't have to worry about ruining a good time trying for a great one.

Note: Although accelerate may show as enabled on the quest screen when recording, the time recorded will be based on the accelerate option being disabled, so it will end up being longer than the actual quest clear time when recording.

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Auto Repeat Options[edit | edit source]

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The auto repeat screen can be accessed from the right of the quest interface if you have completed the requirements to enable it for the quest. It will show the length of time each lap of the quest will take and your current available AP.

Number of Laps for Auto Repeat[edit | edit source]

If you wish to clear a quest a specific number of times, you can configure that here. It will default to clearing the maximum number of times you have AP for, but you can manually change how many times to clear.

Note: It is possible to configure more clears than you have AP for- you should make sure if you do this to check the "Auto Heal AP" box so that your auto repeat won't end early due to lack of AP.

Continue Auto Repeat until the box is at max capacity[edit | edit source]

If you choose this option, instead of clearing a certain number of laps, it will continue until the item box is full of drops, or until you run out of AP (assuming you have not enabled the "Auto Heal AP" option).

Auto Heal AP[edit | edit source]

This option will use your leaves to add more AP when you run out while using auto repeat. If you forget to check this option, the laps will end when there is no longer enough AP to start another quest.

What You Get From Auto Repeat[edit | edit source]

Auto repeat will give you the same rewards as from a skip ticket. This means that it will treat as if all chests were obtained and crystals were broken. You will get credit towards milestones for clearing the quest, but not for kill x foes of a type that exists within the quest. Alchemic boundary will not be rewarded for mementos when clearing on auto repeat.

What You Can Do While Auto Repeat is Running[edit | edit source]

You can close the game during auto repeat, or do most non-quest related activities, such as interacting with units, mementos, gear, shops, summons and chat.

Blocked during Repeat[edit | edit source]

  • Quests of any type, including story, event, trials, multiplay, training hall
  • Raids, Box Bosses and Port Battles
  • Battle of any type, including Arena, Ranked Matches and vs Battle

Auto Repeat Item Box Storage[edit | edit source]

Auto repeat will not start new laps once you have filled your item box with drops, regardless of the number of laps configured. If you have a limit of 50 items, and you are at 49, it will do one more quest, even if that would put you up to over 50 items, and you will receive all items from that quest, but it will not start the next one since you would be over the limit at that point.

If you choose you can also have Auto Repeat continue until you run out of space in your item box.

Once you have completed auto repeat (or want to end early) you can go to the auto repeat screen and click on "Drop Confirmation", then "End Lap" to claim the rewards from clearing the quest. When auto repeat starts, the AP you need for the quests is removed- if you do not use it all from your repeat clears, it will be returned when you end the laps.

Note: Each stack of drops from a single quest is counted as 1 slot in the item box- it will not merge the same items from multiple clears into one stack.

Increasing Item Box Space[edit | edit source]

The default amount of items you can store in your item box is 50. You can spend gems to increase the amount of space available. The cost for expansion goes up gradually as you increase storage. You can expand to a maximum of 300 slots for 8000 total gems.

Cost For Item Box Expansion
Item Slots Cost Total Cost
60 50 50
70 50 100
80 100 200
90 100 300
100 150 450
110 150 600
120 200 800
130 200 1000
140 250 1250
150 250 1500
160 300 1800
170 300 2100
180 350 2450
190 350 2800
200 400 3200
210 400 3600
220 450 4050
230 450 4500
240 500 5000
250 500 5500
260 500 6000
270 500 6500
280 500 7000
290 500 7500
300 500 8000