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The Bazaar is a special shop that appears for 30 minutes at a time. Access to it can be triggered by doing quests- when the shop becomes available you will be given the opportunity to go there, or you can access it anytime in the next 30 minutes from the shops page.

The shop contains a variety of items for gems (sometimes paid only) and zeni. Most items are at standard prices, but some are discounted from the standard rate and will be marked as such. Keep in mind that most items for gems in the shop are not usually an efficient purchase, but in some cases the limited unit shards may be worth the investment.

Typical Shop Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Unit shards (3-25) - sometimes limited units are in here and new units may sometimes be guaranteed to appear if you own them
  • Elemental shards (only available for paid gems when present)
  • Gear shards
  • Equipment (including some for enchanted jobs)
  • Job Tokens (including some for enchanted jobs)
  • Alchemy Drops
  • Keys (such as gold and mine key)
  • Skip Ticket
  • Enlightenment Statues
  • Enlightenment Tokens
  • Memento leveling items
  • Evolution materials
  • Ore