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Units[edit | edit source]

How do I job level my units?
Equip all 6 items required by the job level to job level the unit.

Why can't I equip an item?
The unit needs a minimum level to equip items

What is the maximum job level?
The maximum job level is 11

How do I evolve?
First you need to get the unit to its non-limit break max level. It is:

  • level 10 for 1*
  • level 20 for 2*
  • level 30 for 3*
  • level 50 for 4*

After that, you need farm the evolve mats from the respective dungeons. You can find out which dungeons drop which item by clicking the item.

Should I always limit break a unit?
There is no harm in limit breaking a unit. It increases the max unit level and unlocks the unit's jobs.

How do I choose another chapter in story?
Click back in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Which unit shards are worth farming?
Right now, only Logi and Dias are worth farming in the hard stages.

When should I enhance my items?
Enhance your items only AFTER you job level max your unit. The job items are used up when the job level increases. The stats increment per job level is fixed. So enhancing before job level max is pointless

Where do I get the items to evolve?
Farm the items in Alchemia/Goddes/Golem Dungeons in multiplay. The AP cost is half when the dungeon is hosted in multiplay. You can join the dungeon for free if someone else has already hosted.

Where do I get job tokens?
You can farm job tokens in Rogue/Knight/Mage/Beginner Trials in multiplay. The AP cost is half when the dungeon is hosted in multiplay. You can join the dungeon for free if someone else has already hosted.

How do I do damage in Alchemia Pot?
Use units that do magic damage (warrior mage/Mage jobs). The monsters are immune to physical damage.

Farming[edit | edit source]

How do I farm money?
Do gold dungeon whenever it is open. Save your gold keys until your units are job level 9. Once they are strong enough, save atleast 400 AP and then use a gold key.

How do I farm gems?
Do dailies. It gives 40 gems per day. Apart from this, after you reach 2k rank in arena, you can increase your best rank 1 level at a time to get 5 gems for each rank. This way, you can get 45 gems per day from arena.

How do I clear apple dungeon fast?
Currently, there are not enough units to clear apple dungeon very fast. Currently the best possible way is to use Samurai and Chronomancer units. Chronomancers can give units extra turns using Overclock and Samurai have skills that ignore defense (therefore can one shot the rats).

Arena[edit | edit source]

How do I change the job of my defense team?
Click change team and long press the unit to open the unit details. Then change the unit's job in the top right corner drop box.

Why cant I climb in arena?
Job Master your units. Enhance your units. Try to get counter the enemy defense with your units, eg. Dias vs Logi, Caris vs Lofia, Lofia vs Vettel, Lucian vs Caris.

What is the best arena team?
There is no "best" arena team. Your attack team completely depends on the opponent's defense. There is no perfect defense. You can use teams that cover each other's weaknesses. Slot 2 in defense generally are safer than other spots against ranged units.

What to Buy[edit | edit source]

What should I buy in the beginner shop?
Buy all 5 equipment tickets in the shop everyday. The count resets everyday. These tickets can drop job items which normally cost 110k.

Where do I get job items?
You can buy job items and/or their diagrams from the Louise's Shop. Job item diagram fragments are also available in Maria's Shop and Louise's Shop.

What do I buy with arena coins?
You can buy lion swords with arena coins (they are needed in job leveling). Lion swords appear rarely though. You can also spend them on apples and Yuan shards. Yuan can only be obtained from the arena shop.

What do I buy with MultiPlay coins?
You can buy apples with multiplay coins.

Should I buy unit shards?
It is generally not worth it to buy the unit shards in the shop. The shards cost way too much to be worthwhile.