Bejeweled Cane Sword Cynthia

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Bejeweled Cane Sword Cynthia
Bejeweled Cane Sword Cynthia

5★‎ Gear
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No requirements to equip

This is the favorite cane sword of Leticia, a member of Shadow Messiah. She has offered herself and her gear to become her master's strength. It receives all of his sorrow like a tombstone. A silent prayer beckons ever more darkness. The cane sword stores more power as it awaits its master.

Attributes: DEX Up, AGI Up, PATK Up for Water units. Unlocks Master Ability "Darkness Wrath" (Raises Slash ATK Power for ally units from Wratharis in target area for three turns [Range: 3, Area: Cross (5), Height Range: 2])