Blood-Smeared Forbidden Book

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Blood-Smeared Forbidden Book
Blood-Smeared Forbidden Book

5★‎ Gear
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Ninja Ninja+ Dragon Cavalier Coquelicot Lancer Dragon Cavalier+

Equippable on Ninja & Dragon Cavalier units from Wratharis
Type Accessory
Source VCR (Engraved in the Soul)
Item Shard
Blood-Smeared Forbidden Book Shard

A guidebook of torture buried and forgetten in the darkness of history. By some fluke of destiny, the book ends up in the hands of Rosa. Finding the forbidden tome comples Rosa to collect all manner of weaponry. She continues to treasure the book as a bible.

Attributes: Initial Jewels Up, Death Sentence Up, Evasion Rate Up, Jump ATK Power Up