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A box event is a special kind of event where there are a static set of rewards available in a series of boxes you can summon from, typically obtained from fighting bosses you access using tickets you acquire from quests.

Quests[edit | edit source]

There are usually a series of normal and hard mode quests. Both drop boss battle tickets, with a higher quantity drop typically for the hard mode quests. There are also typically rewards for reaching certain breakpoints of missions cleared between all the quests in the section. The hard versions of quests are typically limited to 3 clears a day and also usually have a small chance to drop specific unit shards.

Boss Battles[edit | edit source]

Example of the boss battle interface

There is usually a separate normal and hard version of the boss (the hard version has significantly higher stats). Once you clear a section (normal or hard) the associated boss unlocks. Each attempt at the boss requires boss challenge tickets (the cost to fight the hard version is higher). Boss health is maintained between attempts similar to raid bosses. When you successfully kill a boss, you receive event coins (the quantity given is higher for the hard version of the boss).

Because of the difference in price and reward between the normal and hard boss, which version is more efficient to fight will depend on how many attempts it takes you to kill the boss. Typically even a very weak team can clear the normal boss in 1 attempt, but the hard boss is substantially stronger.


  • Boss Challenge Tickets will be counted as used even if one quits during a boss battle.
  • If you're defeated, the next battle will carry over the enemies' remaining HP.
  • Mercenaries can't be used
  • Defeated bosses can be replayed

Event Summons[edit | edit source]

Example of event summon interface

You use your event coins to summon rewards. There is a series of reward boxes (typically 5) with a static quantity of rewards in each box. You can view the lineup of the current box you are on (including a count of what is left in the box) or for all the lineups. For all boxes except the last one, there is a "Featured Reward" which you must receive from the summon before you can choose to progress to the next box (using the "Reset" option). For the last box you can't reset until you have gotten every item in the box, at which point the reset will refill the box with the same contents.

Note: Do not move to the next box until you have received everything you value from the current box as you can't return to a box you have already reset. Reruns of the event will remember your box progress and will not allow you to go backwards.

Rewards from event summons are delivered directly to inventory.