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Saving the Rebels[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [1-10] Saving the Rebels
Envylia Citizen
Sir Knight! Please, wait! What do you plan to do with them?
What does it matter to you? The monsters have been taken care of.

They aren't your concern anymore.

Envylia Citizen
Bu-but, the Wratharis soldiers also protected the village.
Dias! What are you doing?!
You came just in time. Help me get these guys to talk.
Hey! Where is your leader Sabareta? Hurry up and spit it out!
Dias! How could you?!
I-I've told you already! I'm not saying a word to you, you religious dogs! Hurry up and kill me!
I see. In that case, I'll grant you your wish right now!
Stop!!! Don't do it, Dias!
Let go! Why are you stopping me?! They are the ones that bare their fangs at us.

Are you trying to defend the enemy?!

You lot are always the same!
You've destroyed our kingdom and continue to rob us of our home.
Our wrath has awoken a mighty power! Foolish Envylia... Your day of reckoning is at hand!
Shut up! Quit using your rebel logic to justify your heinous actions!
Stop! What're you thinking, Dias? Even if they're enemy knights,

we should give them medical treatment.

Envylia Citizen
I-if it would be all right...I'd like to use this herbal medicine to treat them.
Yes, of course. Please.
Logi? You too?!
Unbelievable! Their rebellion is giving birth to a great tragedy in the world.

Are you going to turn a blind eye of that fact?!

How can you be so detached? Their lands were burned.

They've lost their families. How are they different from us?

Zeke found us, and so we were able to grow up in such a loving environment.
Our encounter with him was nothing more than a coincidence.
They...just weren't able to encounter such love.
Don't put us in the same boat as them.
But we are! If we hadn't met father, I'm sure we would be the same!
Don't be stupid! We're siblings. It was fate!
Thank you, Logi, but...I'm painfully aware of how horrible it feels not to have a place you can call home.
You feel the same, don't you, Dias? Power doesn't solve anything. We need to look for other ways—
Shut up! This spiral of tragedy needs to be stopped! You two don't understand anything!
What're you ranting about? I heard you saved the village from monsters.

It appears you've been running around doing as you please.

Father! My...apologies
From here we enter the Woods of Mystical Nights. Our destination is the Gilrack Ruins beyond that.
Most likely, we will find the rebel's hideout there.
Logi, Dias, you join the scouting party. Agatha, you come with me.

Yes, Sir!
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