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A Turbulent Beginning[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [1-1] A Turbulent Beginning
Alchemy—the forbidden art—said to have been eradicated from the world. Its resurrection would mean a threat to all of Babel.
To determine the truth, the Blue Flame Guard is ordered to search for the rebels.
Can you believe it? We've been ordered to be guides for the Blue Flame Guard

right after our first campaign! There's no higher honor, Dias!

Just don't overdo it, okay? Ever since we were young, Logi, you always get

overenthusiastic and end up losing your bearings.

Yeah, yeah, you don't have to remind me. Hey, wait? A-Agatha?!
What are you doing here?!
I'm going along with you two because I can't trust you on your own.
Don't worry. I'll protect you both like I did when we were children! Heheh. I can't wait to get started!
Id-idiot! What are you playing at?!
Go back, now! A battlefield is no playground—
Seriously, you two can't even take a joke. Wouldn't you agree, father?
We've been ordered to take Agatha with us.
Agatha is a novice of the Holy Order of Babel. Furthermore, she is extremely well versed in the

history of Alchemy. The king has lent us her talent as he thought it would be useful for our expedition.

If there are Alchemists in Wratharis, war may occur again.

We must do everything we can to prevent that.

If my knowledge can help prevent conflict, nothing will make me happier.
Besides, the timing's perfect. I was getting tired of being cooped up

in a monastery and having to pray all the time.

A nun who is tired of prayers. Is that even allowed?
Are you sure you'll be okay?
I'd ask the same of you two.
Logi, you're indecisive and unstable. Dias, you seem ready to rush recklessly into battle.

Both of you are a long way away from being full-fledged knights.

In some ways, this could be called my first campaign. Try not to get in my way. Understood, halflings?
Tsk. That attitude.
Yeah. That attitude.
No more talk. Logi, Dias, take battle positions.
There are Wratharis rebels up ahead. We'll capture them for information!

Yes, Sir!
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