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Pursue The Rebels[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [1-2] Pursue the Rebels
Dad! The rebels surrendered information! Their leader is a man called Sabareta, of the Lizard Brigade!
Sabareta? I'm not familiar with that name. What would a rebel army of that scale mean?
...And you say this rebel army will gather at Gilrack Hill? That's within Old Wratharis territory. It seems

they're telling the truth. We'll stop the rebels headed for Gilrack Hill! There, we should also be able to

gather information on this man Sabareta!

Captain! The Wratharis rebel army marches on both sides of us!

They have separated themselves into two groups!

I'll go!
Wait, Dias! I'll go too! Let's split up and fight!
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