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At the Plains of Solace[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [1-7] At the Plains of Solace
Agatha! There you are!
Huh? What's the matter you two?
Leaving the main army is dangerous! What're you doing here?!
What do you mean? I'm stocking up on medicinal herbs, of course.
Medicinal herbs?
This is the healing prairie, Siguroardottir. Various types of medicinal herbs grow in clusters here.
There are a lot of injured within the Guard, aren't there? I thought I would collect these and make

plenty of healing salve.

In any case, don't go running off on your own.
Running off? I may not be able to wield a sword, but I have my way of fighting!
Even so! Don't suddenly disappear like that.
Oh...sorry! Did I worry you?
N-no... Get down, both of you! It's Wratharis soldiers!

It looks like they haven't noticed us. I wonder where they're headed.
It could be Naraba Village. You can see it over there. They're famous for their herbs, so it's certainly—
Are they gonna attack the village?
No, hold on! Can you see, Dias?! Monsters are attacking Naraba Village!
Are the Lizard Brigade gonna try to save the village?! How hypocritical of them. Perfect.

We'll be able to see how the famous Wratharis soldiers fight.

What are you talking about, Dias! You're not going to help?!
What? We're at war with these guys. There's no need to help. Right, Logi?
Seriously! You're an idiot, Dias! I won't ask again. I'll go myself!
Wa-wait! Agatha, calm down!
Are you going to let them get massacred too, Logi? When did you become such a cold human being?
No! What I'm trying to say is that it's dangerous if you go alone!
We can't abandon them, just because they're Wratharis soldiers. We're going to Naraba Village, Dias!
Huh?! Why do I have to—Hey! Wait!
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