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Decisive Battle at the Gilrack Ruins[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-10] Decisive Battle at the Gilrack Ruins
We managed to sneak into the ruins. We've confused them, just as you planned. Well done.
Wait, Dias. Look, over there. There's light of some sort.
Is that an excavation site or something?
An excavation? What're they excava—?
An ancient, abominable relic.
It is, so to speak, the key to Wratharis's resurrection—the light of hope that will lead the world to chaos.
So, you've decided to show up! Let's finish this!
Well, I doubt you'll be able to suppress this man's long-standing grudge.

Go, General Caesar. Destroy them to your heart's content.
After battle...
So you're Sabareta, the gifted Alchemist who can invoke all three of Wratharis's Deadly Trio.
Haven't I taught you to stay focused until you've sheathed your sword?
Hmm... So, you can slay the children of others, but your own children appear to be important to you...great sinner Zeke.
Logi! Dias! Are you okay?!
Why would you do something so terrible?!
Fighting will only cause further tragedy. You all known that better than anyone, don't you?!
What insolence. Who do you think it was that used military force to destroy us?
You are the ones who gave birth to hatred through tragedy! ...Huh?
I understand how you feel! But, relying on force, will only repeat what has occurred!
If you do not end this chain of hatred, it will only give birth to further tragedy!
Those eyes... Who are you?
Huh? I am Agatha Crowley, a novice of the Holy Order of Babel!
Hehe...hyahaha! Your daughter, Zeke? I see. What a surprise!
Girl, we may meet again. Our discussion will continue then.
...If you manage to leave here alive, that is.
Ack! No, we can't let Sabareta escape!
Where do you think you're doing? You are obliged to taste our wrath. I'm taking you back to hell with him!
You're a ghost that can't remain dead! Wait, this smell...
Get down!!!

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