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Woods of Mystical Nights[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-1] Woods of Mystical Nights
In search of the rebel army hideout, Logi and Dias head towards the Gilrack Ruins. En route, they enter the

Woods of Mystical Nights. The sorrowful flames of war will inevitably transform the hearts of the brothers

bound together by fate..

Dias, are you still mad? If I offended you, I'm sorry. It's just...
We all have our individual ways of thinking. Don't worry about it.
Our methodology may differ, but we're both aiming for a peaceful world without sorrow, right? Hehe.
Haha! After all, we've become knights who can "create a world where Agatha can be happy."
You still remember that, Dias? Hahaha! Right!
Creating a gentle and peaceful world for crybaby Agatha—that's our chivalry!
Yes. I'll use my own way to create a peaceful world.

Our attack against the Lizard Brigade is just the first step!

Yeah! That said, why are they heading to the ruins?
Their aim, most likely, is the monsters who inhabit the Gilrack Ruins.
When Alchemy was declared a forbidden art, the Gilrack Ruins

was where the rebel Alchemists barricaded themselves.

It's said that numerous Philosopher's Stones remain there.
Philosopher's Stones? Are those the phantom stones that allow its owner to wield Alchemy easily?
Yes. The monsters inhabiting the area are said to have consumed those Philosopher's Stones.
If the rebel army wishes to wield Alchemy, those consumed Philosopher's Stones are their aim.
It'll be troublesome if they fall into the hands of Wratharis! Let's hurry!
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