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Pledge to Father[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-3] Pledge to Father
Where did the two of you learn the forbidden power?
The other day, at Fort Aldrin.
W-we... were planning on telling you.
You both know what this power is, don't you?
It's an art forbidden under the Magna Code, established by the Alliance of the Seven Kingdom of Babel.
A strictly forbidden art, permitted only to be used by the Holy Guard.
That's not what I mean. Alchemy was the cause for Wratharis's collapse.
It's a power that can bring a kingdom to destruction; I'm asking you if you understand the meaning of that.
Bu-but, we have no intention of exploiting this power!
What do you plan to use it for?
I plan to use it to protect people without power.
I plan to use it to change this world filled with sorrow.
My children have now also seen the Door of Truth. Is this fate?
The Door of Truth? Father, why do you know that place?!
Listen. The heart of man is weak by nature. If you do not stay strong, you will be consumed instantly by the power; as I was.
There is no time for us to wait for the Holy Guard. If it's to combat the Alchemy-wielding rebel army, then we've no other choice.
Swear to me that you will never allow yourself to be swallowed up by your power.
I swear, dad!
Yes! I swear never to lose myself to this power.
Very well. Let's cut through the forest. We're going to make a run for the Gilrack Ruins.
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