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Flaming General of the Revival[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-6] Flaming General of the Revival
Well, well, well. Your Alchemy seems to have improved since you defeated Neville.
Do you mean General Neville the Ice Snake?
So, you were there at Fort Aldrin as well!
You are fast learners of the art. I planned to toy with you, but it appears I should end things quickly.
You think you can take us down anytime you like, huh? Logi, he's making fools of us!
Wait, Dias! Sabareta, you called us descendants of the great sinner. What do you mean?
You're Zeke's sons, aren't you? The great sinner Zeke, who killed every single defenseless member of Wratharis's royal family!
That man covered in blood... I will never forgive him!
Father killed defenseless people?!
That's a lie! If you're mocking our dad, we won't let you off lightly!
You fools, who've swallowed the twisted truth... You've yet to see your father's true form.
If you don't believe my words, then ask those who were there.
This is General Caesar the Demon Flame, last of Wratharis's Deadly Trio, guardian of the royal family.

After battle...
Brats... Don't even think of escaping!
You! Zeke?!
Is that you, Caesar?!
Hehe...hyahahahah! My wish has finally been fulfilled! I'll wait for you at the Gilrack Ruins.
There, we'll settle an old score!
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