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A Quiet Castle[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [3-2] A Quiet Castle
Look! It's Spandau Castle!
That's odd. It's too quiet.
True... There doesn't appear to be a battle going on.
Our main force will charge in from the front. Logi, Dias!
You two make your way in from around the back. Deliver Agatha back to the Convent, and then meet up with me.

Yes, Sir!
Sabareta may be after Agatha. Do not let your guard down until you've delivered her back to the Convent.
Don't worry. Logi and Dias will protect me. Stay safe, father.
Dias, if we use the hidden passage behind the shrine, we should be able to enter the castle without being noticed
Who would've thought we'd use our secret passage this way? Both of you, let's go!
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