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Woods of Mystical Nights[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-1] Woods of Mystical Nights
In search of the rebel army hideout, Logi and Dias head towards the Gilrack Ruins. En route, they enter the

Woods of Mystical Nights. The sorrowful flames of war will inevitably transform the hearts of the brothers

bound together by fate..

Dias, are you still mad? If I offended you, I'm sorry. It's just...
We all have our individual ways of thinking. Don't worry about it.
Our methodology may differ, but we're both aiming for a peaceful world without sorrow, right? Hehe.
Haha! After all, we've become knights who can "create a world where Agatha can be happy."
You still remember that, Dias? Hahaha! Right!
Creating a gentle and peaceful world for crybaby Agatha—that's our chivalry!
Yes. I'll use my own way to create a peaceful world.

Our attack against the Lizard Brigade is just the first step!

Yeah! That said, why are they heading to the ruins?
Their aim, most likely, is the monsters who inhabit the Gilrack Ruins.
When Alchemy was declared a forbidden art, the Gilrack Ruins

was where the rebel Alchemists barricaded themselves.

It's said that numerous Philosopher's Stones remain there.
Philosopher's Stones? Are those the phantom stones that allow its owner to wield Alchemy easily?
Yes. The monsters inhabiting the area are said to have consumed those Philosopher's Stones.
If the rebel army wishes to wield Alchemy, those consumed Philosopher's Stones are their aim.
It'll be troublesome if they fall into the hands of Wratharis! Let's hurry!
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Obtaining Taboo Powers[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-2] Obtaining Taboo Powers
The monsters are growing powerful. Is it the effect of the Philosopher's Stones?
We're getting closer to the ruins. If we hadn't discovered Alchemy, we probably would be struggling more.
I agree with you wholeheartedly. For the sake of our army advancing behind us, let's use our power to annihilate the enemy.
"Our power," is it?
Huh?! Da-dad...!
So, the two of you have obtained the forbidden power after all.
N-no! That is...
We-well, we're using it to fight against them!
Never mind your excuses. Focus on annihilating the enemy before us. You can tell me about it later.

... ...
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Pledge to Father[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-3] Pledge to Father
Where did the two of you learn the forbidden power?
The other day, at Fort Aldrin.
W-we... were planning on telling you.
You both know what this power is, don't you?
It's an art forbidden under the Magna Code, established by the Alliance of the Seven Kingdom of Babel.
A strictly forbidden art, permitted only to be used by the Holy Guard.
That's not what I mean. Alchemy was the cause for Wratharis's collapse.
It's a power that can bring a kingdom to destruction; I'm asking you if you understand the meaning of that.
Bu-but, we have no intention of exploiting this power!
What do you plan to use it for?
I plan to use it to protect people without power.
I plan to use it to change this world filled with sorrow.
My children have now also seen the Door of Truth. Is this fate?
The Door of Truth? Father, why do you know that place?!
Listen. The heart of man is weak by nature. If you do not stay strong, you will be consumed instantly by the power; as I was.
There is no time for us to wait for the Holy Guard. If it's to combat the Alchemy-wielding rebel army, then we've no other choice.
Swear to me that you will never allow yourself to be swallowed up by your power.
I swear, dad!
Yes! I swear never to lose myself to this power.
Very well. Let's cut through the forest. We're going to make a run for the Gilrack Ruins.
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In the Woods at Dusk[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 Episode 1 [1-4] Gn the Woods at Dusk

Encounter with Sabareta[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-5] Encounter with Sabareta
Ack! The Lizard Brigade! So they were waiting for us after all!
They seem well organized! Don't let your guard down. Wait, Logi...
Look, over there. On that side. Get ready.
The descendants of the Alchemist hunters now wield the forbidden art themselves. How ironic.
Wait, are you Sabareta?!
Descendants of the great sinner, taste our rage.
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Flaming General of the Revival[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-6] Flaming General of the Revival
Well, well, well. Your Alchemy seems to have improved since you defeated Neville.
Do you mean General Neville the Ice Snake?
So, you were there at Fort Aldrin as well!
You are fast learners of the art. I planned to toy with you, but it appears I should end things quickly.
You think you can take us down anytime you like, huh? Logi, he's making fools of us!
Wait, Dias! Sabareta, you called us descendants of the great sinner. What do you mean?
You're Zeke's sons, aren't you? The great sinner Zeke, who killed every single defenseless member of Wratharis's royal family!
That man covered in blood... I will never forgive him!
Father killed defenseless people?!
That's a lie! If you're mocking our dad, we won't let you off lightly!
You fools, who've swallowed the twisted truth... You've yet to see your father's true form.
If you don't believe my words, then ask those who were there.
This is General Caesar the Demon Flame, last of Wratharis's Deadly Trio, guardian of the royal family.

After battle...
Brats... Don't even think of escaping!
You! Zeke?!
Is that you, Caesar?!
Hehe...hyahahahah! My wish has finally been fulfilled! I'll wait for you at the Gilrack Ruins.
There, we'll settle an old score!
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The Power of Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-7] The Power of Alchemy
There's no doubt; that's General Caesar the Demon Flame, ond of the Deadly Trio.
Twenty years ago, I killed that man in the great battle that destroyed Wratharis.
What? You killed him? But, he was just right in front of us.
You two understand, don't you?

That he already dead?! That means—!
It's Alchemy. Sabareta is transmuting the souls of the dead and controlling them.
No way... And that's the power you two have as well?! Father!
As long as the rebel army can wield Alchemy, we've no other choice.
The only thing that can compete against Alchemy is Alchemy. I'll report it to the Holy Guard later myself.
If you say so, father. Well, Dias, show me your Alchemy.
You know I've been studying the history of Alchemy, right?
Huh? What are you talking about? Hey, wait!
Honestly... Let's go, Logi.
Dad! U-um... There's something I want to ask you.
What is it?
Well... I was wondering if what Caesar said was true. That, well, you killed defenseless people...
I told you—if your heart is not strong enough, the power will consume you. I fell under the power's control.
I convinced myself that my actions would lead to peace.
I've no intention of hiding what happened. When the time is right, I'll thell you about it. Let's go.
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Executing Division Strategy[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-8] Executing Division Strategy
That's the Gilrack Ruins. We'll have to walk right into the awaiting enemy. Keep your guard up.
U-um, wait! I feel it's too dangerous to charge in from the front, without knowing the enemy's strength.
Maybe we could divide the enemy.
What do you mean?
Our main force can draw as much of the enemy as they can to the front. Meanwhile, a separate battalion can go in from behind. That way we can attack from both ends.
At the very least, we should be able to confuse the rebels.
If we're to make our way around the enemy unnoticed, we'd need the separate battalion to be a small one. It would be dangerous.
I'll go. I should be able to make up for the lack in numbers, right?
... ...
Father, I'll go! I doubt anyone will be as effective as us two!
Hah. Very well. The two of you will lead the separate battalion and make your way around from the back. Make sure the power does not consume you.
Yes, Sir!
Yes, Sir!
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Journey to the Ruins[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 Episode 1 [2-9] Journey to the Ruins

Decisive Battle at the Gilrack Ruins[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [2-10] Decisive Battle at the Gilrack Ruins
We managed to sneak into the ruins. We've confused them, just as you planned. Well done.
Wait, Dias. Look, over there. There's light of some sort.
Is that an excavation site or something?
An excavation? What're they excava—?
An ancient, abominable relic.
It is, so to speak, the key to Wratharis's resurrection—the light of hope that will lead the world to chaos.
So, you've decided to show up! Let's finish this!
Well, I doubt you'll be able to suppress this man's long-standing grudge.

Go, General Caesar. Destroy them to your heart's content.
After battle...
So you're Sabareta, the gifted Alchemist who can invoke all three of Wratharis's Deadly Trio.
Haven't I taught you to stay focused until you've sheathed your sword?
Hmm... So, you can slay the children of others, but your own children appear to be important to you...great sinner Zeke.
Logi! Dias! Are you okay?!
Why would you do something so terrible?!
Fighting will only cause further tragedy. You all known that better than anyone, don't you?!
What insolence. Who do you think it was that used military force to destroy us?
You are the ones who gave birth to hatred through tragedy! ...Huh?
I understand how you feel! But, relying on force, will only repeat what has occurred!
If you do not end this chain of hatred, it will only give birth to further tragedy!
Those eyes... Who are you?
Huh? I am Agatha Crowley, a novice of the Holy Order of Babel!
Hehe...hyahaha! Your daughter, Zeke? I see. What a surprise!
Girl, we may meet again. Our discussion will continue then.
...If you manage to leave here alive, that is.
Ack! No, we can't let Sabareta escape!
Where do you think you're doing? You are obliged to taste our wrath. I'm taking you back to hell with him!
You're a ghost that can't remain dead! Wait, this smell...
Get down!!!

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