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Bringer of Demise[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [3-1] Bringer of Demise
The sins of their father's past, unknown to Logi and Dias; Agatha's secret held by Sabareta... As Caesar,

the phantom bent on revenge, approaches, what truth will be discovered in the collapsing ruins?

Are you all right?! Give me a damage report! Hurry!
Agatha, are you okay?!
Yes...father protected me. What about you two?!
Somehow. Agh... We were dangerously close to being wiped out completely.
In any case, there's a chance that Sabareta will target Agatha. Focus on protecting her.
Ye-yes, Sir! But why Agatha?
I'll explain it to you eventually. More importantly, I'm concerned about what exactly they've unearthed from the ruins.
For an excavation of that scale, I doubt their aim was to find Philosopher's Stones. I think they were trying to unearth an ancient weapon.
An ancient weapon?
Once, in this continent of Babel, there was a highly advanced civilization, who made full use of Alchemy.
Unfortunately, a dispute occurred amongst the kingdoms that seem to have led to their destruction.
Hm. How disappointing. I guess that means that the past isn't much different than the present.
Even as technology evolves, the way people think doesn't evolve very much.
At the zenith of their evolution, they began producing weapons using the forbidden art.
The main force of power between the kingdoms began to shift to Alchemy.
Finally, at the end of the fierce conflict between the Alchemists, they produced the ultimate weapon.
And that was this ancient weapon?
Yes. An ancient weapon born out of high-level Alchemy. It ultimately devoured the world in flames.
The introduction of this ancient weapon brought an end to ancient civilization.
So you're saying that something that terrible has fallen into Sabareta's hands?
A light of hope that will lead the world into chaos...that's what he said. If he meant the ancient weapon, then that's no pipe dream.
Captain, we've tracked the Lizard Brigade! They appear to be headed towards Envylia!
I see. That doesn't bode well! We leave immediately!
This was a trap to distract us. Their true aim is Spandau Castle, where the king is!


A Quiet Castle[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Episode 1 [3-2] A Quiet Castle
Look! It's Spandau Castle!
That's odd. It's too quiet.
True... There doesn't appear to be a battle going on.
Our main force will charge in from the front. Logi, Dias!
You two make your way in from around the back. Deliver Agatha back to the Convent, and then meet up with me.

Yes, Sir!
Sabareta may be after Agatha. Do not let your guard down until you've delivered her back to the Convent.
Don't worry. Logi and Dias will protect me. Stay safe, father.
Dias, if we use the hidden passage behind the shrine, we should be able to enter the castle without being noticed
Who would've thought we'd use our secret passage this way? Both of you, let's go!

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