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Unit Character Quests[edit]

Some units have character quests available. For units with a character quest series, the first quest becomes available at level 30, the second and level 60, and the third at level 80. These quests are not repeatable after they are completed. The level 80 character quest for each unit rewards the unit with a master ability. You can view a list of units with a character quest and master ability available on the Master Ability page.

Combo Character Quests[edit]

Combo character quests reward a special skill that can be triggered by either unit if both units are near each other and have the jewels to use the ability.

Logi and Edgar[edit]

Skill: Blade Striker

Unlock Requirement: Complete chapter 2

Slash ATK (ignores DEF) that removes all buffs/debuffs cast on enemy unit [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

Tina and Mocca[edit]

Skill: Mutual Mistral

Unlock Requirement: Complete chapter 4 and own Mocca

Wind Missile ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Thunder) & greatly raises own Strong vs Thunder for three turns [Range: 5, Height Range: 3]