Continent of Babel

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The continent of Babel
The continent of Babel
The Seven Kingdoms of Babel
The Seven Kingdoms of Babel

The Continent of Babel is comprised of the far-reaching lands beneath the Tower of Babel, within which the Kingdom of Northern Pride holds a leading function. Located to the North is Slothstein, there are Lustburg and Greed Dike to the East, and Envylia, Old Wratharis and the Desert Zone to the West. Gluttony Foss and the Saga Region are spread out to the North of the Desert Zone. Wadatsumi is an island nation southeast of Greed Dike.

Nations of Babel (Past and Present)[edit | edit source]

The nations of Babel consist of the Seven Kingdoms (named after the seven deadly sins), as well as the Desert Zone, the Saga Region, and Wadatsumi.

Desert Zone[edit | edit source]

The Desert Zone is located in the west central portion of the the Continent of Babel. It was once a fertile land, but having been long exploited by Gluttony Foss and having its water stolen, it turned into a desert. While the Desert Zone isn't a "nation" per se, since it has no leader, it's a region that is not owned by any of the kingdoms. Many bandits patrol the Desert Zone, hoping to catch merchants on their way to and from Gluttony Foss. The Sand Hawks help roam the desert to protect against these threats, and to protect the freedom of those who live in the desert. Gluttony Foss' Guild Guard will occasionally come to help escort caravans.

Envylia[edit | edit source]

Envylia is located in the south central portion of the Continent of Babel. In the main storyline, the country was run by King Patrick throughout chapter 1, though its current leader is unknown. Envylia has two elite military forces: the Scarlet Flame Guard, who handles matters outside of the city, and the Blue Flame Guard, who are a city guard, and are tasked with protecting the king.

Gluttony Foss[edit | edit source]

Gluttony Foss is located in the northwest portion of the Continent of Babel. To its south is the Desert Zone, and to its north is the Saga Region. As an aggressive nation, they have both attacked the Saga Region, and exploited the once fertile lands of the Desert Zone, leading it to its current state. Gluttony Foss occasionally employs the Guild Guard to assist with bandit problems in the Desert Zone, allowing merchants to more safely travel to and from their lands. Gluttony Foss has an ancient Greek theme.

Greed Dike[edit | edit source]

Greed Dike is located at the southeastern portion of the Continent of Babel. Greed Dike, as of the time of the Sacred Stone Memories storyline, was run by Emperor Orion. During this time, Greed Dike attacked and destroyed the island nation of Wadatsumi, to the southeast. Little is mentioned about Greed Dike in the main story mission timeline. Greed Dike has an ancient Chinese theme to its design.

Lost Blue[edit | edit source]

Currently, very little is known about Lost Blue in the global version of the game. The Veda Templars, as well as Othima, come from the village of Lost Blue. There is a way to enter it from Slothstein, and it is mentioned as being a home to the downtrodden.

Lustburg[edit | edit source]

Lustburg is located at the northeastern portion of the Continent of Babel. As the northern most nation, it is also the coldest, and is often coated in snow. Lustburg is known for having a curse whereby any males who sire offspring are transformed into bugs. Lustburg is run by Queen Venus.

Northern Pride[edit | edit source]

Northern Pride is located right around the Tower of Babel in the center of the continent, and is the Suzerain for the other six kingdoms. As the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms, the Holy Guard (and subsequently, the Corpse) is located within Northern Pride. Northern Pride is home to an unnamed woods, where all of the High Elves are from.

Saga Region[edit | edit source]

The Saga Region is located at the far northwest portion of the Continent of Babel. The Saga Region has a tribal theme.

Slothstein[edit | edit source]

Slothstein is located in the north central portion of the Continent of Babel. It is known for being a technological powerhouse. Whereas most of the other nations have a medieval-fantasy theme, Slothstein has a steampunk theme.

Wadatsumi[edit | edit source]

Wadatsumi, unlabeled on the map, was an island nation to the southeast of the Continent of Babel. The nation was attacked and wiped out by Greed Dike, led by Emperor Orion, shortly before the Sacred Stone Memories timeline. Wadatsumi has a theme that is very similar to feudal Japan.

Wratharis[edit | edit source]

Wratharis was a nation located on the southwest portion of the Continent of Babel, just south of the Desert Zone. The Corpse instigated a conflict between Wratharis and Envylia, leading to the destruction of Wratharis, primarily at the hands of Captain Zeke "The Blood Wolf". Wratharis was known for its three great generals, called the "Deadly Trio": Neville, Vlad, and Caesar.