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The information here summarizes what news has been made available via in-game news, Facebook/Twitter and YouTube promotional videos.

Note: All times listed are in world time. Check your in-game clock to convert to your local time.

Scheduled Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Maintenance is scheduled from April 25, 12:00 AM - April 25, 4:00 AM

Current Limited Time Events[edit | edit source]

  • Magni Historia rerun (through May 1)
  • Soul Call - Mianne Edition rerun with free unit Mianne (through May 1)
  • Half AP for Chapter 4 Episode 2 (through April 24)
  • The Advent of Phantoms event with quests to farm 15 shards for specific units (through April 24)
    • Dragoon Chloe and Harbinger rerun (April 18)
    • Harbinger and Sovereign rerun (April 19)
    • Sovereign and Shaman rerun (April 20)
    • Shaman and Protector rerun (April 21)
    • Protector and Dancer Shenmei rerun (April 22)
    • Dancer Shenmei and Dragoon Chloe rerun (April 23)
    • Dragoon Chloe, Harbinger, Sovereign, Shaman, Protector and Dancer Shenmei rerun (April 24)
  • Sacred Stone Memories hard quests (through April 24)
  • Half AP for Etrian Odyssey event quests- including multiplay (through April 24)
  • One-Time Giveaway (through May 1)
    • Enchantment Coin x 250
    • Enchanted Job Token Selector x 1(Summoner)
    • Enchanted Job Equipment Selector x 1 (Summoner)
  • Enchanted job milestone missions for Summoner (through May 1)
  • Using Hisham with the ability to get a free unit Hisham from challenge board and unlocking his job+ upgrade Diviner of Earth and Water through his EX quest (through April 24)
  • Crystal-Shot Heart rerun with Mielikki job upgrade and free unit Celliers (April 11 - April 24)
  • Mystic World Mobius rerun (April 11 - April 24)
  • One-Time Giveaway (through April 24)
    • Enchantment Coin x 250
    • Enchanted Job Token Selector x 1(Enchanter/Valkyrie)
    • Enchanted Job Equipment Selector x 1 (Enchanter/Valkyrie)
  • Enchanted job milestone missions for Enchanter/Valkyrie (through April 24)
  • Etrian Odyssey collaboration (through April 24)
    • Login bonus with gems, EO collab items and more
    • Metal Acorn Attack! Apple Garden
    • Special Daily Missions for EO skip tickets, alchemy droplets and EO unit shards
    • Monday Missions for unit soul shards, EO skip tickets and alchemy droplets
    • Etrian Odyssey 5 Star Unit Summon Ticket from challenge board (can only be used from April 11)
  • 1 time login bonus with [April] Easter Egg x 250, Gold Ingot x 30, Crystal Apple x 30 (through May 1)
  • Daily giveaway of [April] Easter Egg x 100. Total should be 3050 Sakura Petals over the course of the month (through May 1)
  • Easter Egg Exchange Shop (through May 8)
  • Ultra Exp! The Way to True Skill! (through April 24)
  • Stairway to Heaven rerun with Megistos J+ and free unit D'Artagnan (through April 24)

For more information relevant to the current events, see the Event Specific Notes.

Current Summons[edit | edit source]

High Discount[edit | edit source]

Standard[edit | edit source]

Recently Added Permanent Changes[edit | edit source]

Upcoming Announced Changes/Events[edit | edit source]

Outstanding Contest Awards[edit | edit source]

Speculation on Possible Upcoming Events/Changes[edit | edit source]

Based on recent data mining or other information, the following are events/changes that may be coming soon. There is no guarantee that just because something is listed here that it will happen

  • Next enlightenments likely to be released are Balt, Ramses, Lucian, Arkil and Retzius (based on JP history)
  • Next enchanted jobs likely to be released are Twin-Blade and Warrior (based on JP history)
  • Next batch of existing enchanted jobs likely to be released are: (based on JP history)
    • Vincent: Sage [Monolith]
    • Reida: Sage [Obelisk]
    • Thillie: Sage [Pandora]
    • Neica: Sage [Rozetta]
    • Vettel: MS [Efreet]
    • Flamel: MS [Pegasus]
    • Hazel: MS [Sylpheed]
    • Deneb: MS [Ixion]
    • Scherazade: MS [Efreet]
    • Gormalas: HB [Senju]
    • Margaret: Merchant [Grace Crane]
    • Ramses: Dragon Cavalier [Rudra]
    • Noah: Professor [Mad]