Dark Attack

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Skills which buff Dark that are provided by gear

Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS LEYDOW 01.png Ancient Tome of WadatsumiPassiveAttributes:
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS BIRGITTA 01.png Birgitta's Holiday CircletPassiveAttributes:
Raven's Hunt3-hit Dark non-type ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Beasts) & raises Power for Dark units from Saga [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS ANASTASIA 01.png Blossom ClaymorePassiveAttributes:
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS ZWEI 01.png Chains of the Beast Master[Riot] TigrePermanently multiplies own all ATK by 1.4 & lowers All Elements Res & Buffs/Debuffs from this skill can not be removed
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS KUDHANSTEIN 01.png Dark MatterPassiveAttributes:
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS TS MELYODAS 01.png Demon Sword LostvaynePassiveChance of all ATK Up +20% (20%)
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS GL ZHENGYI 01.png Imperial BannerBanner of the ClanRaises Max HP (recovers amount raised)/AGI/Dark/Wind/Fire after appearing on map
PassiveAttributes: AGI Up, Dark Up, Magic Res Up, Daze Res Up
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS BF 01.png Lunaris’ HairpinPassiveRaises AGI/all ATK/Daze Res
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS POK 01.png Rainbow Mana SeedPassiveAttributes:
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS ST 01.png Ring of Sin - ZeroDeadly Sins - Cosmic SignRaises all own attacks after appearing on map
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS SHENMEI 01.png Treasure of the Great DeepOcean's HuntGreatly raises own all ATK for three turns & permanently raises Strong vs Aquatic

Equipment which buff Dark when equipped

Game,ItemIcon,IT US TS PORK.png Boar Hat Bar FoodPermanently lowers Max HP by 30% & raises All ATK for three turns [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]

Skills which debuff Dark that are fixed to a job:

Game,JobIcon,tori tem.png Pure-Hearted GeneralNova RadiusSlash ATK on units within area & lowers Light Res for three turns & lowers all ATK if target unit is a Dark unit [Range: 3, Area: Lateral (3), Height Range: 2]

Skills which debuff Dark that are provided by gear

Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS RAID 01.png Medal of VanquishmentBlue Sheen of ConstraintsRaises own Max HP (recovers amount raised) after appearing on map & lowers all ATK
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS TS 03.png Peace AmuletRampage ControlInflicts Jewel Dmg on units within area & lowers all ATK for three turns [Range: 2, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]