Data:Game/MasterParam/Ability/AB RAT WIZ DIE 1000 2020

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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry. Entry count mismatch in table "Loc" (3 expected, got 4)

lang english english japanese japanese
param name expr name expr
value Kill Count Countdown ラットン回復 撃破数カウントダウン


server gl jp
cap 1
icon kari_no_ability
iname AB_RAT_WIZ_DIE_1000_2020
lv1 1
lv2 1
skl1 SK_RAT_WIZ_POISON_1000_2020
skl2 SK_RAT_WIZ_POISON_1000_2020_2
slot 0
type 0
type_detail 0

Unused Keys

The following keys were not used by inserted into any table and are thus unused.

server gl jp
grow R5_NORMAL