Data:Game/MasterParam/Item/IT EQ DIAGRAMPIECE JRIA01

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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry. Entry count mismatch in table "Loc" (4 expected, got 5)

lang english english english japanese japanese
param expr name flavor expr name
value Collect 80 of these to create: Patient Mail Diagram Patient Mail Diagram Piece 80個集めると「ペイシェントメイル図案」を生成することが出来るアイテム ペイシェントメイル図片


server gl jp
ac 9999999
buy 1600
cap 999
cmn_type 2
coin 9999999
encost 2160
enpt 18
eqlv 50
is_valuables 0
mc 9999999
pp 6375
rare 4
sell 160
tc 5100
type 11

Unused Keys

The following keys were not used by inserted into any table and are thus unused.

server gl jp
facilitypt 1
tabtype 3