Data:Game/MasterParam/Item/IT EV FIRE POT

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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry.

lang english english english japanese japanese japanese
param expr name flavor expr name flavor
value Can be used to evolve Fire Phantoms Fire Goddess Jar This small artificial goddess was created by accident as a result of attempts to create a divine being that were carried out long ago. It falls far short of the power of a deity, but its body does secrete a small amount of Alchemia. This red-colored goddess contains Fire energy. 火属性のファントムの進化に必要な素材 炎の女神の瓶 遥か昔、錬金術で神に等しい存在を精製<br>しようとしたときに偶然生まれた小さな<br>疑似女神。神の力には到底及ばないもの<br>の、少量のアルケミィを身体に閉じ込め<br>ている。赤は炎の力を宿している。


server gl jp
ac 40
buy 9999999
cap 999
cmn_type 0
coin 9999999
encost 240
enpt 2
is_valuables 0
mc 100
pp 9999999
rare 1
sell 120
tc 9999999
type 4

Unused Keys

The following keys were not used by inserted into any table and are thus unused.

server gl jp
facilitypt 1
tabtype 4