Data:Game/MasterParam/Item/IT SET 2017 FgG PI TICKET01

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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry. Entry count mismatch in table "Loc" (4 expected, got 6)

lang english english english japanese japanese japanese
param expr name flavor expr name flavor
value Use this ticket to summon 50 Soul Shards for one FgG collab unit (Eros, Yuri, Bashosen, Dark Princess Yomi, Furcas, Sakura, Shekinah, Sita, or Laevateinn) of your choice. Can be purchased using Paid Gems. (Once purchased, the ticket will be shown in your Gifts.) FgG Collab Unit Soul Shards Selector FgGコラボユニット(エロース、ユリ、芭蕉扇、深淵冥姫ヨミ、フォルカス、サクラ、シェキナー、シタ、レーヴァテイン)の魂の欠片×50個を選んで召喚できるチケット。有償幻晶石で購入が可能。※購入後のチケットはギフトに表示されます。 選べるFgGコラボユニット魂の欠片召喚チケット


server gl jp
cap 999
cmn_type 0
icon IT_SI_2017_PI_TICKET
iname IT_SET_2017_FgG_PI_TICKET01
is_valuables 0
rare 4
type 12

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server gl jp
tabtype 0