Data:Game/MasterParam/Skill/SK MAN YUJ D DEF MOBIUS43

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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry. Entry count mismatch in table "Loc" (4 expected, got 5)

lang english english english japanese japanese
param expr name me_desc expr name
value Reduces CT of all units to 0 Interrupts Casting & resets CT (All Units) マップ全体のユニットのCTを0にする 詠唱中断&CTリセット!(すべてのユニット)


server gl jp
cost 0
count 99
ct_calc 1
ct_rate_ini 100
ct_rate_max 100
ct_val_ini -100
ct_val_max -100
ctbreak 1
eff_h 99
eff_type 6
effnm eff_odo_skill100
motnm man_wiz_skill106
shield_d_type 0
shield_type 0
sonoba 1
ssco 4
target 3
target_ex 0
timing 0
type 1