Data:Game/MasterParam/Skill/SK SHN LOWER 03

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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry.

lang english english japanese japanese
param expr name expr name
value Nullifies all statuses inflicted on ally units within area around self for three turns [Area: Square (3), Height Range: 2] Poison Pill 3ターン自身を中心とした範囲内の味方の状態異常を無効化[範囲:正方形3×3マス,高低差:2] ポイズンピル


server gl jp
cost 24
count 5
eff_h 2
eff_type 13
effnm eff_shn_skill106
iname SK_SHN_LOWER_03
motnm shn_skill106
react_d_type 0
scope 1
shield_d_type 0
shield_type 0
sonoba 1
ssco 2
t_cond CON_SHN_LOWER_03
target 1
target_ex 0
timing 0
type 1