Edgar L. Leonhart

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Origin: Slothstein
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Birthday: May 25
Blood Type: Type Pa
Zodiac: Moon of the Thunderous Emperor
Likes: Ladies
Hobbies: customizing his bike
Description: Edgar is a sharpshooter traveling the world on his Alchemia bike with his beloved gun Betty. He may seem like a sleazy playboy at first glance, but he opposes anyone who makes a lady cry. He's a hot-blooded type of guy who will furiously make a stand against any womanizer, strong or weak.[1]
Voiced by: Ryota Osaka

Edgar L. Leonhart is a character in The Alchemist Code.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"I want to protect all ladies of the world!"
- Edgar's headline quote for his character description.

Edgar is a drifter that is mostly seen around Slothstein. He travels around Slothstein with Fiona Elester and Alkemono in search of the philosopher's stone, because of a promise made to Edward Elester (Fiona's Father) and Ethan. - to rebuild Slothstein, and solve the mystery surrounding the philosopher's stone.

Driven by a need to keep all ladies happy, Edgar does whatever he can to keep them from shedding a tear. He is very susceptible to his own emotions, usually crying himself.

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