Elaine's Feather Hat

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Elaine's Feather Hat
Elaine's Feather Hat

5★‎ Gear
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Hunter Thief Gunner Drifter Drifter+

Equippable on Hunter, Thief, Gunner & Drifter
Type Armor
Source VCR (Beloved Hat)
Item Shard
Elaine's Feather Hat Shard

This is the marvelous mercenary Elaine's favorite hat. It has special value as it was given to her by Elrike when they exchanged hats, solidifying their friendship. Elaine is the most flustered whenever a strong gust of wind blows the hat off her head.

Attributes: AGI Up, Stop Res Up, Range +1. Unlocks Master Ability "Lucky Hat" when equipped on Elaine/Elrike (Raises Evasion Rate for three turns after appearing on map)