Emblem of Sincerity

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Emblem of Sincerity
Emblem of Sincerity

5★‎ Equipment

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[Tyrfing/War-Blade Princess-Only Equipment] Max HP +40, PDEF +4, Dark Res +4, Paralyze Res +8, Stun Res +24, Sleep Res +14, Petrify Res +14
Enhancer Pts165
Zeni Cost147550
Zeni Sales Price14755
Tour Coins5900
Soul Coins7375

An emblem of the Church of Ragnarok, belonging to a Killer Princess. It has been blessed by the Church with the power to give those who wear it an unnatural vitality. It is a source of support for its bearer, who is despised for being a weapon.


??? Zeni

Equipment Stats

Dark Res+4+6
Paralyze Res+8+12
Stun Res+24+36
Sleep Res+14+21
Paralyze Res+14+21