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One of the materials required for enlightening units is the country specific tokens (often referred to as flags). These items are generally farmable, but can also be purchased for EX coins, Friendship coins or summon coins (although the cost is typically high for the value you get). Often some small amount of tokens are available as a reward from completing certain quest missions as well.

Where to Farm[edit | edit source]

Only quests which are permanently available are listed below. Some temporary events may also provide tokens for specific countries.

Desert Zone[edit | edit source]

Envylia[edit | edit source]

Gluttony Foss[edit | edit source]

No permanent farms currently available.

Greed Dike[edit | edit source]

Lost Blue[edit | edit source]

Lustburg[edit | edit source]

Northern Pride[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

No permanent farms currently available. During Phantom of the Alchemist reruns they can be farmed in Phantom of the Alchemist [EX+1] (single or multi player) and many of the later EX quests from the event.

Saga Region[edit | edit source]

Slothstein[edit | edit source]

Wadatsumi[edit | edit source]

Wratharis[edit | edit source]