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Equipment are a vital part of any unit's growth. In fact, they tend to account for about half of a unit's attributes, as well as covering various resistances.

Every job defines what equipment it uses, consisting of 6 pieces per job level. In order for a job to level up, it must equip all 6 pieces, at which point the equipment is absorbed and a new job level is available. Note that equipment is not the same thing as gear. Equipment is permanently applied, whereas gear can be moved between units to add additional stats.

Equipment Types[edit | edit source]

As the number of equipment is a very large list, this has been broken down into these sub-pages: (note that these lists have not been updated in quite some time and are missing most newer items)

Acquiring Equipment[edit | edit source]

Story Quests[edit | edit source]

Most equipment can be obtained via farming story quests. When you need a specific piece of equipment for a unit, it should give you a list of quests to obtain that equipment item. Some quests are better for specific equipment drops than others. Generally quests that drop less other items are preferred for farming a specific piece of a equipment. You can check the Best Places to Farm for a list of story quests that may be the best options for common non-job specific equipment pieces. You can also search the Alchemist Code Database: Items section to find where specific equipment pieces drop.

Limited Time Events[edit | edit source]

In addition to story quests, there are often good spots to farm specific equipment in limited time quests. Often higher level quests drop a useful selection of the higher level equipment items and may be an efficient place to farm them. If you have units which are specific to a collaboration, their job specific items are typically only available to farm within their limited time events.

Shops[edit | edit source]

The main shops are often a good place to buy diagrams of job specific equipment or also shards of general equipment for zeni. They refresh 5 times a day and it's a good idea to pre-buy diagrams for units you may one day wish to raise. They also sell some equipment for gems but this is less cost efficient to purchase and rarely a good idea. Sometimes the secret shop also has temporary good deals on equipment for zeni, and the Adventurer's Shop has a regular stock of lower level equipment items for zeni, such as great lances and star staves. Typically it is not cost efficient to buy equipment for gems in the secret shops, but occasionally there are cost efficient bundles, and for newer players who obtain limited units, it may sometimes be easier to purchase their job specific equipment for gems rather than trying to farm quests beyond their skill level. In addition you can buy equipment from some coin exchanges, such as the Multi Coin Exchange, Arena Coin Exchange and Veda Coin Exchange.

Omnicrystal Equipment[edit | edit source]

In addition to standard equipment, there are 2 special kinds of wildcard equipment available:

(Replaces equipment shard pieces)

(Replaces equipment diagram pieces)

These items can be used as replacements for standard equipment if you do not have enough of the item. These are primarily used to replace specialized equipment only available during limited collaboration events. Note: These items can't be used to replace job+ upgrade equipment.

Omnicrystal equipment are sometimes available in bundles, special coin shops, or as rewards or compensation of various type. There is no permanent way to acquire them.

Enhancing Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment can also be enhanced, raising their stats to at most 50% of their original values, at max rank (5 stars). It is important to note that when a job levels up, all enhancements are lost. Because of this you should never enhance equipment before job level 11. You also must be player level 60 to enhance equipment.

Enhancing equipment is very expensive. The zeni cost scales with the rarity of the equipment item enhanced. A gold-bordered equipment costs 504k zeni and 1680 points of enhancement materials to fully enhance, silver-bordered equipment costs 201,600 zeni and 1120 points of enhancement materials to fully enhance.

Only the active job benefits from the stats gained from enhanced equipment so you should never enhance equipment for a job you don't use.

Enhancement Materials[edit | edit source]

To enhance equipment you can use alchemia pots. These can be purchased for zeni from shops or acquired as rewards through various game events. You can also farm these in the Reclaiming the Alchemia Pot event, however this is usually an inefficient use of AP so it is better to buy them from shops. You can also use other excess materials for enhancing but you should take care never to accidentally use equipment or other items for enhancing you might actually need later.