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Formulated Equipment[edit | edit source]

Items that are so tough to make, they require detailed instructions on their process. Every formulated item is made from its diagram as a base, using other equipment as materials.

Depending on the item, some diagrams can be found whole, like a foraged item. Others are so complicated that they have many pages (pieces) that are needed to combine together before they can be used.

1 Star (2 Raw)
These simple 1 page diagrams need only a single forged 1* item, costing 300 Zeni to create.
2 Star (4 Raw)
Still simple in their design, these single page diagrams detail how to upgrade a 1* formulated item by combining it with a 1* foraged item, needing 1200 Zeni for the process.
3 Star - Invention Upgrades (7 Raw)
The only 3* diagrams consisting of a single page, these detail how combine a pair of invented 2* armor to give them some resistances, costing 5000 Zeni. However, the author leaves the inventor to their own devices on how they should create the ingredients.
3 Star - Complex Creations (12 - 17 Raw)
Each of these diagrams is made up of 5 pages. The process of each item varies but describes how to make use of make simpler to produce their result. Each item requires 5000 Zeni to make.
4 Star - Artisan Goods (35 - 58 Raw)
The most complicated of formulated equipment, these diagrams are 20 pages long and need 18,000 Zeni to complete. Each process uses an assembled or invented item as a base, combining it with a myriad of other items to produce the final creation.