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Unreleased Equipment[edit | edit source]

These equipment are for jobs that are not yet released. Data is subject to change.

Tier 1 - MATK - Gear RodGear Rod Base
Tier 1 - MDEF - Saint's RobeSaint's Robe Base
Tier 2 - PATK - Sacred Lion BladeSacred Lion Blade Base
Tier 2 - PDEF - Flame Emperor ArmorFlame Emperor Armor Base
Tier 2 - MATK - Gear RodGear Rod Base
Tier 2 - MDEF - Saint's RobeSaint's Robe Base
Tier 2 - HP - Sacred Fur CoatSacred Fur Coat Base
Tier 2 - DEX - Glass PenGlass Pen Base
Tier 2 - AGI - Old Pocket WatchOld Pocket Watch Base
Tier 2 - CRIT - Orichalcum BladesOrichalcum Blades Base
Tier 2 - LUCK - Lucky Rabbit FigurineLucky Rabbit Figurine Base
Tier 2 - Special
These items have different formulas then most job exclusive diagrams

Elite Knight Elite Knight

Muscly Paladin Muscly Paladin

Rising Ash Princess Rising Ash Princess

??? ???

Holy Cavalier+ Holy Cavalier+

Dark Cavalier+ Dark Cavalier+

Wondrous Doctor Wondrous Doctor

Nightmare Witch Nightmare Witch

Desert Champion Desert Champion

Sandstorm Holy Brawler Sandstorm Holy Brawler

Magical Dark Lance Demon Magical Dark Lance Demon