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Secret Shop[edit | edit source]

Every now and then the Secret Shop will feature bundles of items. To evaluate these bundles, put their names into, and look at the gem value of each item.

For example, the Seasoned Soldier Set costs 95 gems, and contains the following:

Item Gem value
Sacred Lion Blade 40
Lion Monarch Shield 13
Compass 14
Winged Boots 14
Black Belt 14
Total 100

In other words, this set costs exactly as much as buying the individual items at the store.

Meanwhile, the "Physical Attacker Rare Equipment Set" costs 100 gems, and contains the following:

Item Gem value
Dragon Halberd 43
Celestial Robe 43
Compass 14
Goddess Figurine 14
Total 114

So you're getting 114 gems worth of equipment for 100 gems, a 14% discount.

Similarly, the "Magical Attack Rare Equipment Set"

Item Gem value
Crystal Orb 43
Phantom Mask 43
Knight Chess Piece 14
Goddess Figurine 14
Total 114

This bundle gives you the same discount as the "Physical Attack Rare Equipment Set".

There's a few smaller bundles too, the "Warrior Essential Equipment" costs 38 gems, and contains:

Item Gem value
Mage's Hat 14
Compass 14
Brooch of Resistance 14
Total 42

So here you get a minor 10% discount.

Veda shop[edit | edit source]

You can do a similar comparison for the Veda Coin Exchange.

Item Gem value Veda cost Gem/Veda
20 Forbidden Apples 20*25 = 500 250 500/250 = 2
10 Gold Ingot 10*32 = 320 160 320/160 = 2

So each Veda Coin is worth roughly 2 gems.