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Fancy Opera Gloves
Fancy Opera Gloves

5★‎ Equipment

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[Vivacious Socialite] HP +54, PATK +28, DEX +12, Water Res +3, Stun Res +7, Silence Res +14, Posion Res +7
Enhancer Pts165
Zeni Cost147550
Zeni Sales Price14755
Tour Coins5900
Soul Coins7375

A stylish yet practical pair of gloves woven from a strong fiber, helping to protect the Vivacious Socialite's fair skin in a duel.


30000 Zeni
x 1
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Fancy Opera Gloves Diagram
x 1
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Flame Emperor Armor
x 1
Game,ItemIcon,IT EQ HP FURCOAT.png
Sacred Fur Coat
x 1
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Magus Hood

Equipment Stats

Water Res+3+5
Stun Res+7+10
Silence Res+14+21
Poison Res+7+10
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