Fire Defence

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Skills which buff Fire Unit DEF that are fixed to a job:

Game,JobIcon,hwiz.png Battle Mage [Blaze Form]Absolute Defense - Fire GearRaises PDEF/MDEF of ally units within area around self for three turns & raises all DEF for Fire units [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]
Game,JobIcon,adre01.png Engineering Alchemist[Soldering] CladAfter moving, Fire Strike ATK on enemy unit & inflicts Bind & raises own all DEF for one turn [Range: 6, Height Range: 3]

Skills which buff Fire Unit DEF that are provided by gear

Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS GORMALAS 01.png Keels SaberGold IncreaseRaises own all DEF for three turns & casts Jewel Auto Charge
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS CADA 01.png Ramproad Mountain Spring WaterSoaring Flame DragonTriples own PDEF/MDEF for one turn & multiplies JUMP ATK Power by 1.8