Gem Seller's Scales

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Gem Seller's Scales
Gem Seller's Scales

4★‎ Equipment

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Jewels +16, LUCK +12, AGI +2, Light Res +1
Enhancer Pts80
Zeni Cost36000
Zeni Sales Price3600
Arena Coins200
Tour Coins1680
Multi Coins1440
Soul Coins2100

These scales are said to be able to measure the nature of a person's soul. Originally called the "Soul Judger," their misleading name was apparently given to them by a merchant in order to try and sell them more easily. They increase the amount of Soul Jewels collected by the owner, as well as vitalizing his or her body in various ways.


18000 Zeni

Included in Recipes

Equipment Stats

Jewels Obtained+16+24
Light Res+1+1