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Dark Gormalas


Tags Human, Male
Gender Male
Origin Saga Region (サガ地方)
Source Summon
Height 192cm Weight 110kg
Birthday Dec 1 Blood Type Type Qe
Zodiac Moon of the Nightmare Cherry Blossom
Likes Alcohol, gold, women, and gambling
Hobbies Cartography - making maps for personal use
Illustrator 杏虎太郎
CV 濱野大輝

Gormalas is the leader of the Black Keels, the pirate crew controlling the Northern Seas. He strongly believes that he's meant to obtain anything which is obtainable by man. He has a rough and highly tyrannical personality, but somehow, people rarely dislike him at first sight.


Stat Min Max Avg per Lv
Ui icon stat hp.png 115 743 7.39
Ui icon stat mp.png 43 174 1.54
Ui icon stat atk.png 43 156 1.33
Ui icon stat def.png 29 105 0.89
Ui icon stat mag.png 36 128 1.08
Ui icon stat mnd.png 26 94 0.8
Ui icon stat dex.png 42 152 1.29
Ui icon stat spd.png 52 91 0.46
Ui icon stat cri.png 40 144 1.22
Ui icon stat luk.png 39 140 1.19

Leader Skill

Twilight's Worship
Raises PATK by 50% for Dark units

Master Skills

Master Ability
Raises Initial Jewels and All Elements Res

TODO - Add skill info: AB_GORMALAS_MA_01
TODO - Master Quest: QE_CH_GORMALAS_3

Available Jobs

Pirate Pirate LimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Dragon Knight Dragon Knight LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Holy Brawler Holy Brawler LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Pirate+ Pirate+ LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png Will replace Pirate Pirate when it reaches level B_KAI.

<TODO: More job level requirements>

Limit Break

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Misc Stats[edit source]

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grow: R6



AI Related

search: 3