Inherited Shoulder Guard

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Inherited Shoulder Guard
Equippable on male units from Envylia or Continental Observer units
Gear type
Armor (防具)
VCR (Inherited Iron Will)
Release dates
  • GL: 2020-07-23
  • JP: 2019-11-14
Item shard
Inherited Shoulder Guard Shard
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Shoulder armor worn by the man who has continued to support the Scarlet Flame. It is a keepsake of his father, who lost his life protecting therians. Even though he now prefers to don the set of matching armor he received upon joining the Scarlet Flame Guard, this item will always be special to him.

Attributes: Max HP Up, AGI Up, all ATK Up for Thunder units, Enables Master Ability "Flurry of Steel Needles" when equipped on Gerald or Lil' Ouroboros if her job type is "Continental Observer" (Casts Quicken on self)

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
AGI +12

Thunder +15

HP +600

Gear Ability
Flurry of Steel Needles

Flurry of Steel Needles

Gear Abilities

Flurry of Steel Needles
Casts Quicken on self
Flurry of Steel Needles
Casts Quicken on self
Lil' Ouroboros
Continental Observer