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Below are summaries of news posts from the official Japan news site. Note that these summaries are based on Google translate and may have errors- see the original news posts for more details.

Date Type Description
2020-10-15 Event Sunshine Halloween: Ramses and Blanchett JE+, Free memento Halloween's Fun Surprise with Ramses skin and VCR Sekmet Lance, Rerun of Blanchett event
2020-10-15 Upgrade JE+ details for Ramses and Blanchett
Julia buffs
Refurbished 3D model for Ramses
2020-10-15 Memento Julia limited memento with skin: Halloween Dedicated to the Lord with VCR Pumpkin Basket
Blanchett limited memento with skin: Wish to Draw with Scissors with VCR Trick Shoes
Ramses free event memento with skin: Halloween Fun Surprise with VCR Sekmet Lance (Desert Citizen MLS)
Milestone which gives 150 shards for Julia if you MLB her Halloween memento
2020-10-15 Feature Elite Door added to Trials with quests that you can access when the total combat strength of your fire units reaches a certain level
2020-10-15 Banner 100 Million Gem reduction campaign
Julia and Blanchett memento banner
New gear Red Dragon Circle
2020-10-15 Campaign Ramses challenge board with unit and 150 shards
Mission to limit break Julia's Halloween memento
Retweet campaign
Cyclops Truth Engraving Workshop - Halloween Version
Rerun of Rosa J+, Melda J+, Hayate J+ and Mia/Alexis J+
World of Treasure and Sunshine Halloween 2x drops for multiplayer coins
Consecrated Elements
2020-10-15 Shop Margaret's Lovely Max Engraved Shop
Elite Door implementation commemorative shop
Sunshine Halloween public commemorative shop
Halloween 2020 Coin Exchange
2020-10-09 Raid Alchemy Port Raid for Re:Zero
New gear Tear Necklace
2020-10-08 Shop Coin exchange for special vouchers from stage play banner
Re:Zero Collaboration Last Part Shop
Stage Play For Whom the Alchemist Address Nonai Hikari commemorative shop
Ticket shop
2020-10-08 Campaign 10x memento summon for free daily for 7 days
Re:Zero stamp acquisition quest
Re:Zero 2nd challenge board panel
Alchemy Port quest daily with 10x rainbow soul shard
5 star unit soul fragment acquisition daily quests for each element
3x drops for Toritoh and Sharon shards
2x drops for story normal quests
2x arena coins
Vision Clear Quest for all mementos
2020-10-08 Banner Stage Play commmemorative banners
2020-10-08 Feature New missions to reach x amount of power with each element, you get a limited title and soul fragment of that attribute
Updated training ground so that there are enemies of all elements and increased their HP
2020-10-08 Event Stage play event: For Whom the Alchemist - Address Nonai Hikari (box event)
free memento Address Nonai Hikari with VCR of Omnicrystal equips
free gear Promised Library Key
Shard quest for Zion with 570 shards, requires owning unit
2020-10-08 Upgrade G6 for Toritoh and Sharon
Unit and job buffs for Sharon and Toritoh
VCR upgrade of WA for Toritoh
Event sword upgrade of WA for Sharon
Special Sharon specific enlightened skill added to Sharon's sword
VA buff for Toritoh memento
Job upgrades for Holy Cavalier [Isaiah], Holy Cavalier [Porta], Holy Cavalier [David], Holy Cavalier [Magi] and Holy Cavalier [Ark]
Job upgrades for Holy Cavalier, Dilga J+ and Vettel J+
Buffs to sword enlightened skills
2020-10-08 Event Transcendence Hell Quest for Re:Zero
2020-10-01 Banner 4 step gem return
Lamb and Emilia banner
Rem and Emilia banner
Twin Maid memento banner
Rui banner
Rui, Magnus, Wilhelm memento banner
2020-10-01 Feature Ability to search for capture videos for EX and higher quests (including bosses) when defeated
Ability to summon using special tickets collected for a summon
2020-10-01 Shop Re:Zero Coin exchange
Autumn Big Lottery exchange
Fierce Fight Coin Exchange
Re:Zero 2nd Commemorative Shop
CM broadcast commemorative shop
Wild Card Hero commemorative shop
2020-10-01 Shard, Feature Plumeria changed from EX HQ to 3/day
EX HQ for Naju
Option for memento to be in 2 MLS: Suzuka mementos, Leoniaz, Zehn mementos, Kaya, Rui put in additional groups
New Troublemakers MLS: Magnus (both 5 star mementos), Wilhelm, Rui, New Judith, Albea (both), Evelika, Hazel, Daisy, Courage, Daisy free
2020-10-01 Unit New Re:Zero collab units: Lamb with J2 Spy JE and J3 Priestess JE, G6, Rem with J2 bride JE, G6
25 shard trial mission and 100 shard quest
both units added to group skills from Re:Zero memento
2020-10-01 Event New EX quests added to Re:Zero with collab gear: Lamb Katyusha for Lamb, Rem's Morning Star for Rem
2020-10-01 Memento Re:Zero collab limited memento: Supporting Twin Maids (Rem/Lamb) with VCR Rem's Hair Ornament, which also can give you access to Lamb Hair Ornament (Re:Zero MLS)
2020-10-01 Memento Magnus: Joker's Arrest Drama with VCR Burst Shooter
Wilhelm: Troublemaker Justice with VCR Deserve Hat
Rui: Correct Use of Blood Tax with VCR Magical Ball Hair Ornament
mission to get relief if you limit break the memento once
2020-10-01 Unit Rui with J2 Magia Gunslinger JE and J3 Machinist JE, Babel War Art, G6
New effect: auxiliary behavior prohibition
Trial for 25 shards and quest for 100 shards
2020-10-01 Upgrade Magnus J+ for gunner
G6 for Magnus and Wilhelm
Unit buffs for Magnus and Wilhelm
2020-10-01 Campaign Free 10x summon 1/day with 1 5 star guaranteed for 8 days, includes limited
Autumn Big Lottery
Special login bonus with Tagatame Fes [Rui] Tickets
Magnus Burst Gambling
Magnus challenge board with unit and 150 shards
Spirit Forest
2x drops for Magnus and Wilhelm
Super Acquisition Quest
2020-10-01 Producer Letter Producer Letter #51 (September 2020)
2020-10-01 Event Fierce Fighting Quest! White Whale Capture Battle
2020-10-01 Event Wild Card Hero (box event) with Magnus J+
New unit Rui
Free gear Magical Kiko Ohm for Rui
2020-09-24 Shop Re:Zero coin exchange
Genesis coin exchange
Re:Zero collaboration commemorative shop
Autumn Campaign Ouroboros Special Engraving Shop
Beginner's Welcome Equipment Shop
Godless Revolution rerun commemorative shop
2020-09-24 Campaign Re:Zero challenge mission
Re:Zero commemerative special quest
Otherworld flag farm
Port subscription support campaign
Autumn Campaign 2020 with Autumn Grand Lottery
Daily mission for lottery tickets
2x drops for EX HQ
Godless Revolution rerun
2x drops for Holy Knight HQ
Friend gift campaign
2020-09-24 Banner Emilia guaranteed step 5
New limited memento for collab guaranteed step 5
New Zain memento
2.5% Genesis banner for 2nd half of Genesis
2020-09-24 Memento Re:Zero limited memento for Emilia
2020-09-24 Event Re: Zero Collaboration with free unit Natsuki Subaru, box event with free Re:Zero memento, EX stages with gear for Natsuki and Emilia, farm stage for Pack Apple
2020-09-24 Unit Re:Zero limited collab unit Emilia with G6, trial mission and 100 shard quest
2020-09-24 Feature Expanded Event Summon to support summoning up to 100 items at once
Added skip button to event summon screen
Automatically select the next quest in a series when unlocked by clearing the previous quest
Top of summon UI revamped
2020-09-24 Event Absolute Justice Leader event with Zain job++
2020-09-24 Upgrade Zain job++, G6, JE for Magic Swordsman [Pegasus], unit buffs, Excalibur WA buff
2020-09-24 Memento New Zain limited memento with Holy Knight MLS
2020-09-17 Campaign Silver Week
All seasonal events rerun
Commemorative pre-collaboration quest
Login bonus with 20 alchemy drops daily
Silver Week Daily Challenge Mission
Vettel challenge board with free unit and 150 shards
2x drops for story hard quests
2x drops for Babel shard quests
2x drops for multi coins from World of Treasure and Entrusted Scarlet Flame, Beyond the Promise
Consecrated Elements
2020-09-17 Campaign Free daily 5x shard summon for Scarlet Flame units
2020-09-17 Banner New Vettel/Chloe mementos
Silver week campaign
3x redraw 5x 5 star memento summon for 5k gems
2020-09-17 Shop Silver Week Campaign Shop
Entrusted Scarlet Flame, Beyond the Promise Memorial Shop
New Birgitta skin
Scarlet Coin Exchange
2020-09-17 Memento New Vettel memento with skin, new Chloe memento, both in Scarlet Flame MLS, temporary milestone to get Envylia relief when limit breaking the 2 mementos
2020-09-17 Event Entrusted Scarlet Flame, Beyond the Promise with Vettel JE+, free gear Antique Brooch. Event gives Scarlet Flame Coins
2020-09-17 Upgrade Vettel JE+ and G6, Chloe buffs, renovated models for Vettel and Birgitta
2020-09-17 Event Rerun of Xeno Wind, Light and Dark
2020-09-17 Event Fierce Fight Quest - Diablo Mopping Battle with 5 difficulties
2020-09-10 Pre-Sale New unit Zion, not transmutable, Babel War Arts and G6 available on 2020-10-08
Unit is given with purchase of ticket viewing packs for live stage play and is not obtainable any other way currently
2020-09-10 Shop Coin exchange for Kuza and Orion shards
Attack Talos Coin exchange shop
Queen Coin exchange shop
Stage play commemorative shop
Go To Tagatame Campaign 2nd Shop
Truth Open Eye Unit Shop with Alma shards
2020-09-10 Banner Sacred Knights 10x 7 steps
Ten Commandments 10x 7 steps
Holy Knight Memento 10x 7 steps
Ten Commandments Memento 10x 7 steps
Super Pickup Selection banner
Paid banner with 5x 5 star mementos guaranteed (only Holy Knight and Templar)
2020-09-10 Campaign 5 star unit shards x 5 10x summons once a day for 7 days
Zain challenge board with Zain on the first board and 150 shards on the second
Twitter follow campaign for 250 gems
Challenge board with 100 Alma shards
Vision Clear Pro
2x drops for shards for all the new G6 units
2x drops for story normal
2x arena coins
2020-09-10 Event Damage Challenge Quest
2020-09-10 Banner 444 gem 10x unit/memento summons for 7 days (countdown to live broadcast) with bonus items
2020-09-10 Upgrade Alma G6
Alma buffs, Alma Babel War Arts buffed
Alma memento VA buffed
Alma memento group buff buffed
Alma VCR (both) WA buffed
Enlightened skill for one of the fist weapons buffed
G6 for Fung Liu, Tsang Lei, Fairily, Chat Noir, Soleil, Hayate, Alyu, Arkil, Patty, Fayrene, Meily, Polin
New JE: Fairily: Priestess [Gospel], Polin: Sage [Rozetta]
Upgrades G5 for Fairily and Polin
Buffs for Kuza, Fung Liu, Tsang Lei, Fairily, Hayate, Arkil, Polin
Babel War Art buffed for Kuza
Kuza farmable gear WA buffed
Enlightened gear skill for one sword skill buffed
2020-09-10 Master Ability Leafah and Hayate
2020-09-10 Feature Peaceful Bloodkins-The Unfulfilled Promise added to event archive (Spica/Corvus/Zahar J+)
New rune bonus Engraving [Technique] which gives a set effect of +10 Hit Rate
Max engraved runes increased from 300 to 500
2020-09-10 Event Transcendence Hell Quest added to Zehn J+ event
2020-09-10 Event Blade of Oaths rerun, lineup of boxes changed
Holy Sword, Tennokai Special Quest (gender bender event) rerun
2020-09-10 Event Rerun of Xeno Belt thunder, water and fire
2020-09-01 Producer Letter Producer Letter #50 (August 2020), Zehn J+, new unit Na Zhu, Rerun all Ten Commandments events, Chapter 6 episode 2, Go To Tagatame Campaign
2020-09-01 Campaign Protagonist training mission
Challenge board for chapter 6 episode 2 with 5 star memento ticket
Tagatame Quiz Quest
2x drops for templars
Spirit Forest
2x drops for Rigalt, Miuna, Amis, Yunagi, Flamel, Thillie, Ennis
Super Acquisition Quest
2020-09-01 Shop Go To Tagatame Campaign Shop
Go To Tagtagame voucher exchange
Ten Commandments Memorial Shop
Chapter 6 Episode 2 Memorial Shop
Won skin
2020-09-01 Banner 4 step gem return
Na Zhu banner
Zehn and Na Zhu memento banner
Unit banner with 3 redraw
Shard banner with 3 redraw
2020-09-01 Campaign Go To Tagatame Campaign
10x free summon with guaranteed Ten Commandments unit
Go To Tagame Coupon for 35% off summon
Go To Tagatame Campaign Shop
Limited time comeback login bonus
Renewal opening of beginner shop
Special voucher for Voids of Deadly Sins
50% off AP consumption for normal story
50% off AP for Stamp acquisition quest
2020-09-01 Shop Updates to Battle Coin Exchange (items added)
2020-09-01 Event Also Sprach - Zubari's Ten Ten Funerals (box event) with new unit Na Zhu, farmable gear for him (Twin Blade Ainzam), Zehn J+
2020-09-01 Unit Na Zhu with JE for J2/J3, Babel War Arts, G6, 100 shard quest and trial mission for 25 shards
2020-09-01 Memento Zehn new memento with skin, Na Zhu
2020-09-01 Upgrade Zehn J+
G5-G6 for Yunagi, Thillie, Rigalt
G6 for Miuna, Flamel, Ennis, Amis, Pamela
New JE: Yunagi - Ninja [Black Tortoise], Thillie - WBT [Bewitching Wildcat] (specialized in abnormal conditions), Rigalt - Shadow Assassin [Night]
Unit buffs: Miuna, Flamel, Yunagi
Buffed Miuna's hammer
Renovated Won model
2020-09-01 Event Heroes of the Alchemist - Super Hell Quest, can only use protagonists, rewards a title
2020-09-01 Story Chapter 6: Episode 2
2020-08-25 Event Port Battle
2020-08-24 Event Decision Battle! Destrouk
2020-08-20 Shop Attack on Titan shop
Movie version reprint shop
2020-08-20 Banner Monzein limited memento
9 step Dark Phantom banner
Memento banner with 3 redraw
2020-08-20 Campaign Blue Ray release commemerative login bonus
Retweet campaign for up to 150 Dark Chloe shards
Quest for otherworldly tokens
2x drops for protagonists
2nd panel added to AoT challenge board
10x drops for AoT apple quest
2x drops for Holy Knight shards
Friend bonus campaign
2020-08-20 Upgrade G6 for Monzein, Dark Zain, Dark Setsuna, Dark Chloe, Dark Othima, Kasumi
Buffs to Dark Zain and Dark Chloe
Babel War Arts buffed for Dark Chloe
Gear buffs to WA for Monzein axe and 1st VCR
2020-08-20 Event Attack on Titan rank up quest
2020-08-20 Event Dark Phantoms event rerun with G6 item for Kasumi
2020-08-20 Memento Monzein limited with Holy Guard MLS
2020-08-20 Event Monzein J++ event A Person who Wears Heavy-Duty Lightning
2020-08-13 Campaign Bud challenge board with free unit and 150 shards, Attack on Titan login bonus
2020-08-13 Banner Judith and Bud memento
2020-08-13 Event Mechanical to Connect Tomorrow with Judith job+
2020-08-13 Memento Judith and Bud (Blue Flame Knights memento leader skill)
2020-08-13 Event Hell stage added for Attack on Titan
2020-08-13 Upgrade Judith job+ details
G6 for Judith and Bud
Unit buffs for Judith and Bud
Babel War Art buffs for Judith and Bud
Gear buff for Sumeragi
2020-08-13 Shop Mechanical Coin Exchange Center, Attack on Titan 2nd collaboration shop, Mechanical to Connect Tomorrow Commemorative Shop, Lotiyah skin
2020-08-11 Feature World Raid
2020-08-11 Event World Raid for Attack on Titan
2020-08-08 Shop Attack on Titan collaboration coin exchange, Attack on Titan Collaboration Shop, World Raid Support Shop, Attack on Titan Coin Exchange
2020-08-08 Feature Total combat strength of unit, total combat strength ranking for alchemy port, port daily missions
2020-08-08 Upgrade G6: Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Hange, Reiner, Ren
Enchanted jobs: Warrior [Muspell] for Eren, Holy Brawler [Fudo] for Reiner, Blademaster Haze for Levi, Wild Beast Tamer [Bewitching Wildcat] for Hange
Unit buffs: Eren (including giant form), Mikasa, Reiner (including giant form), Levi, Hange
Gear buffs: Eren's (WA buff), Mikasa's (stat buff, WA buff), Reiner's (WA buff), Levi teacup (WA buff), Hange (WA buff)
2020-08-08 Memento New Attack on Titan memento, memento leader skill for all the Attack on Titan mementos, added agi passive to the other two Attack on Titan mementos
2020-08-08 Banner Attack on Titan unit and memento banners, summon where you can select your units for rate up
2020-08-08 Feature Added Holy Cavalier [Ghia] to the enchanted job quests
2020-08-08 Campaign Attack on Titan challenge board, player experience quest, alchemy drop x 20 a day login bonus, Ren HQ 2x, normal story 2x, arena coin 2x
2020-08-08 Campaign Summer Vacation Campaign 10x free summons for a month
2020-08-08 Master Ability Ren and Moa
2020-08-08 Event Fierce Fight Quest for Attack on Titan
2020-08-08 Event Attack on Titan new EX5 and 100 shard quests for Eren, Mikasa, Levi and Hange
2020-08-08 Event Attack on Titan collaboration rerun
2020-08-01 Banner 4 step gem return banner, Nikaia, Nikaia memento, Zwei swimsuit memento, 2.5% Genesis banners - 2 different ones- one for the newer units and one for the older ones, 10x 5 star unit banner with 3 redraw, 10x 5 star memento banner with 3x redraw
2020-08-01 Campaign 3rd Summer Campaign - Free daily summon including reliefs, Attack on Titan countdown login bonus, Sacred Tree Forest, Cyclops Truth Engraving Strengthening Workshop 3, 2x drop for Zwei shard, Neun J+ rerun, Super Acquisition Quest
2020-08-01 Shop 2nd Summer Campaign Shop, Genesis Chapter 5 Part 2 Shop, D'Artagnan skin
2020-08-01 Upgrade G3: Dark Mira and Dark Nyx, D'Artagnan model refurbished
2020-08-01 Event Attack on the Summer Heat Demon multiplayer 2-player quest with title reward
2020-08-01 Memento Zwei (limited swimsuit skin) part of Lost Blue memento group, Nikaia (limited)
2020-08-01 Unit Nikaia with Babel War Art, G6, temporary 100 shard farm and 25 shard mission
2020-08-01 Event Genesis Chapter 5 Part 2 with new unit Nikaia and event gear White Porcelain Shield "Messartim" for Daphne
2020-08-01 Shard, Feature Yuen EX HQ, push notification for auto-lap feature, speeding up of engraving and awakening of engraving
2020-07-31 Producer Letter Attack on Titan rerun, World raid with new drop system- items dropped every time you do damage based on damage done, Revamped display of total unit power, Display of Alchemy Port total power, Port Daily Missions
2020-07-30 Event Pre-Collaboration Commemorative Quest leading up to Attack on Titan rerun
2020-07-24 Feature Port Battle
2020-07-24 Event Port Battle
2020-07-22 Shop Rune related coin exchange, Tagatame Live Broadcast Memorial Shop, Summer Campaign daily shop
2020-07-22 Banner Othima new memento, Redraw 3x memento banner
2020-07-22 Campaign Summer vacation homework daily challenge board, Summer greeting postcard temporary friend gift, Vision Clear Pro for 3 days, Othima challenge board rerun, 2x drops for Holy Knight units
2020-07-22 Event Person with the Wisdom of Blue Ice with J++ for Othima
2020-07-22 Upgrade Othima job++
Othima G6
Othima buffs
2020-07-22 Memento Othima (2nd limited) with leader skill for Holy Knights
2020-07-20 Banner 444 Summons for 10 days
2020-07-17 Campaign Summer Dreams Jumbo free 5x summon
2020-07-16 Shop Nigredo shop, Troubleshooting at the Beach shop, Beach Coin 2020 exchange, New Blitz skin
2020-07-16 Banner Albea and Suzuka swimsuit memento, new gear Drake Earrings
2020-07-16 Campaign Summer Campaign 2020 Challenge Board - free units Albea, Suzuka, Noah with 150 shards each, Spicy Chocolate Battle and Chocolate Magic reruns
2020-07-16 Upgrade Albea JE+ for Machinist Partisan
G6: Albea, Bertha, Dorothea, Shenmei, Aisha, Mocca, Rebecca, Rahu, Jake, Rin
New skills for Noah J+
Unit upgrades: Bertha, Noah, Suzuka, Dorothea, Shenmei, Aisha, Mocca
Babel War Art upgraded for Mocca
Job upgrades: Boom Technician and Machinist
Gear ability upgrades: Dorothea VCR, Mocca VCR, Alize Spirit Orb, Rebecca free VCR, Rebecca swimsuit VCR, Aisha VCR
Spear enlightenment skill upgraded
Memento VA upgrades: Albea original, Bertha, Shenmei, Mocca
Upgraded Aisha memento group buff
Blitz model refurbished
2020-07-16 Event Troubleshooting on the Beach - Albea JE+ event with free swimsuit memento for Noah
2020-07-16 Memento Albea swimsuit (limited), Suzuka swimsuit (limited, with Wadatasumi leader skill), Noah swimsuit (event free)
2020-07-16 Event Alien Village Nigredo - new pair multiplayer tower, 10 floors. Coin shop has new gear Ishigo Trifolium
2020-07-10 Raid Alchemy Port Raid - with Giant Lizardman, Giant Gormalas and Giant Dilga bosses, new gear Midsummer Loincloth 2020
2020-07-09 Upgrade G5/G6: Annika and Milis, G6: Izayoi, Won, Ines, Lucian, Chiruru, Celliers, Justin, Ciel, Retzius
New JE: Spy [Cloud Cover] for Won, Ranger [Serpent] and Magic Swordsman [Slypheed] for Milis
Unit upgrades: Izayoi, Won, Annika, Lucian, Retzius
Job upgrades: Demonic Destruction Twin-Blade Swordsman
Gear ability upgrades: Izayoi VCR, Retzius VCR (including adding Lucian to skill)
Memento group buff upgrades: Izayoi, Retzius
2020-07-09 Event Tagatame Summer Festival
2020-07-07 Event Tanabata Memorial Quest with new gear Tanabata Bamboo Decoration, memorial shop, special event summon
2020-07-01 Producer Letter Roadmap notes: changes to unit power formula in character display, alchemy port changes, new mechanic shield penetration, new multi-tower like Mobius with special restrictions, co-op world boss
2020-07-01 Campaign Tagatame Great Return Festival, Wonderful Summer rerun, Tagatame Summer bonus campaign quest, 10x summons with one 5 star unit guaranteed for 6 days, Comeback campaign
2020-07-01 Banner Gem spent reduction campaign, 4 step gem return banner, Daphne unit and memento banners, Mira swimsuit memento banner, 2.5% Genesis banner, 5 star memento banner with 3x draw
2020-07-01 Shop Summer campaign ticket exchange, Tagatame Summer Big Bonus Campaign Shop, Genesis shop, New Tethys skin
2020-07-01 Campaign In-game voting for Super Pickup Selection
2020-07-01 Upgrade G5/G6: Chao, Tomas, Leon, G6: Ambrosia, Ikona, Minario, Setsuna, Mianne, Megistos, Elaine, Reida, Peridot
New JE: Chronomancer [Fake] for Ambrosia, Wild Beast Tamer [Saber-Toothed Tiger] for Tomas, Priestess [Oracle] for Reida, Sage [Rozetta] for Leon
Unit upgrades: Setsuna, Chao, Tomas, Megistos
Tethys model refurbished
2020-07-01 Memento Mira swimsuit (limited), Daphne (limited)
2020-07-01 Unit Daphne with Babel War Art, G1-G2, temporary shard quest for 100 shards, trial for 25 shards
2020-07-01 Feature Kabau - new mechanic to cover allied targets (deflect attacks to self)
2020-07-01 Shard EX HQ added for Ainanna
2020-07-01 Event Godless Revolution: Chapter 5, Part 1
2020-06-25 Shard EX HQ added for Rachel
2020-06-25 Event A Person who Wields a Magnificent Twin Sword: Yauras J++
2020-06-25 Upgrade G5/G6: Mikoto, Hugo, Aruba, Hazuki, Zeke
G6: Yauras, Creto, Ramses, Hozuki, Melda, Sabareta, Elrike, Ange
Yauras J++
New JE: Fallen Valkyrie for Mikoto, Demonic Destruction Twin Blade for Hugo, Merchant [Lucky Crane] for Aruba, Shadow Assassin [Night] for Ramses, Sage [Rozetta] for Hazuki, Dark Cavalier [Zeele] for Sabareta, Holy Cavalier [Ghia] for Zeke
Unit buffs: Mikoto, Hugo, Aruba, Creto, Ramses, Hozuki, Melda, Zeke
Hozuki Babel War Art buffed
Sniper [Magnum] buffed
Gear buffs: Yauras sword (stat buff), Creto VCR (stat and WA buff), Sabareta VCR (WA buff), Sabareta dagger (WA buffs to demon form)
2020-06-25 Memento Yauras (limited) in Holy Knight leader group
2020-06-25 Event Wedding Unit Title Acquisition Quest
2020-06-18 Banner Yuen, Memento for Lucia and Yuen, New gear Hundred Dragon Circle
2020-06-18 Feature Changes to auto-lap feature: adjusted quest clear time measurement, UI changes, ability to select which AP recovery items to use
2020-06-18 Feature Rune changes: continuous strengthening of engraving, UI changes to stamp disassembly, option to disassemble stamp on quest sort screen, changes to favorite UI
2020-06-18 Feature Multiplayer changes: UI revised, added option to auto, new multiplayer mercenary feature
2020-06-18 Feature UI changes to Alchemy Port search, added option to set alchemy port policy, option to view alchemy port shop levels that are not unlocked, changes to memento UI, changes to memento conversion screen, new popup UI, changed mercenary list UI
2020-06-18 Shop Phantom of the Kill Collaboration Shop, Blessing to the Wedding Knife shop, New Hisham skin, Wedding Coin 2020 Exchange
2020-06-18 Campaign Lucia challenge board with free unit and 150 shards, Wedding Bouquet AP recovery item in friend gifts, Using Hisham rerun, Happy Happy Crazy Wedding, Marriage-Go-Round and [Hell Class] Wedding Battle rerun, Destruction Battle Battle rerun
2020-06-18 Event Blessing for Wedding Knife: Candrite Flail gear for Yuen and Lucia J+
2020-06-18 Memento Lucia wedding (limited), Yuen, Group leader skills for Greed Dike Army (both new mementos in group, also Leafah, Mei Fang, Orion and Lucia)
2020-06-18 Unit Yuen with Babel War Art, G6, 100 shard limited time quest, 25 shard trial mission
2020-06-18 Upgrade G1-G3: Cassius and Rizanaut
G5/G6: Lucia, Fujika, Melia
G6: Shekinah, Forcas, Cita, Bashosen, Eros, Uzuma, Eve, Klima, Lucretia, Fraise, Aswald, Veloz, Hisham, Blanchett, Alexis
New Chromancer JE: Chronomancer [Fake] (Interfering type) for Tamis, Vier, Reagan, Chihaya, Michael, Fiona, Chronomancer [Flourish] (Assisting type) for Lakina, Elizabeth, Fujika, Celine, Lupinus, Chronomancer [Illusion] (Position change type) for Eve, Shayna, Alma, Annika, Rin
New JEs: Wild Beast Tamer [Bewitching Wildcat] for Lucia, Sage [Carnac] for Klima, Blademaster [Haze] for Fraise, Bishop Sacrament for Melia
Unit buffs: Uzuma, Eve, Klima, Lucretia, Fraise, Aswald, Fujika, Hisham, Alexis
Job buff to Magic Meister
Gear WA buff: Uzuma farmable gear, Aswald VCR
Klima memento VA buff
Fujika memento group buff
2020-06-14 Banner Blue-ray movie release date quest, Dark Phantoms banner
2020-06-14 Event Dark Phantoms event rerun with reset boxes and changed box contents
2020-06-11 Campaign 10 free summons for 7 days with reliefs and elemental shards and other rewards, 11 million commemorative quest, 11 mil login bonus, 10x free POTK summons a day for 8 days, Dark Laevateinn challenge board with unit and 150 shards, Guerilla Quest - Vermin Repulsion Quest
2020-06-11 Master Ability Don Taras and Nefertiti
2020-06-11 Event Rerun of Xeno Belt Wind, Light and Dark
2020-06-11 Event 3-Title Event rerun
2020-06-11 Memento Dark Tyrfing (limited) added to FgG memento group
2020-06-11 Upgrade G1-G3: Tiferet, Failnaught
G4-G6: Nasario, Deneb, Margaret, Vincent, Celine, D'Artagnan, Yuan
G6: Tyrfing, Laevateinn, Masamune, Longinus, Artemis, Parashu, Freikugel, Don Taras, Nefertiti, Everica, Liu Shen, Priscilla, Strie, Kuon
New JE: Fresh Wind Enchanter for Nasario, Machinist Oleaga for Deneb, Sage [Carnac] for Margaret, Dawn Bard for Vincent, Fallen Valkyrie for D'Artagnan, Shadow Assassin [Night] for Yuan
Unit buffs: Don Taras, Failnaught, Dark Tyrfing, Dark Laevateinn, Dark Longinus, Dark Artemis, Dark Parashu, Dark Freikugel, Nasario, Deneb, Margaret, Priscilla, Strie, Kuon, Yuan
Job upgrade: Astrologer, Magic Swordsman [Ixion]
Gear WA upgrades for Dark Longinus, Dark Freikugel, Dark Artemis, Dark Parashu, Don Taras
Memento VA upgrade for Failnaught
Memento group buff upgrade for Don Taras
2020-06-11 Weapon Enlightenment Added skills for Cestus (fist weapon)
2020-06-11 Event Fighting Quest! Battle for extermination of foreign races
2020-06-11 Event Phantom of the Alchemist Hell Class Quest with title reward
2020-06-01 Producer Letter #47 - May 2020: Upcoming plans for MP auto and kick feature, improvements to quest repeat, rune improvements, batch selection of mementos, Alchemy Port recruiting UI improvements, ability to try different bosses and laps in Alchemia Port Raid, update to arena coin shop
2020-06-01 Banner 4 step gem return banner, Ainanna unit and memento, Vier limited memento, 2.5% Ten Commandments, 11 million memorial relief, redraw unit, memento and shard banners
2020-06-01 Event Also Sprach: Give Me Your Vision (box event) with Vier J+ and gear Genie Spear Cleanliness for Ainanna
2020-06-01 Unit Ainanna with Babel War Art, G6, 100 shard quest and 25 shard trial mission
2020-06-01 Upgrade Vier job+
G6: Sophia, Kazahaya, Nina, Tamamo, Mei Fang, Jin, Vivi, Edwin, Dilga, Michael, Decel, Lambert
Light Sacred Spearman JE for Chloe and Ainanna
New JE: Bishop Mysterion for Sophia, Shadow Assassin [Night] for Kazahaya
Unit buffs: Mei Fang, Jin, Sophia, Vivi, Michael
Job upgades to Shadow Assassin, Shadow Assassin [Darkness] and Shadow Assassin [Eventide]
Buffs to Mei Fang memento VA and group buff
Upgrade to Vier normal pool VCR
2020-06-01 Memento Ainanna and Vier (skin)
2020-06-01 Event Xeno Belt rerun for thunder, water and fire
2020-05-21 Upgrade Kanon J++
G6: Lupinus, Kanon, Theresa, Balt, Teona, Elizabeth, Neica, Mirianne, Carol, Scherazade, Courage, Vanekis, Alaia
New JE: Dragon Cavalier [Vritra] for Teona
Unit buffs: Kanon, Theresa, Lupinus, Balt, Teona, Elizabeth, Neica, Carol, Courage, Vanekis
Gear WA buffs: Excalibur, Balt weapon
Buff to Kanon memento VA
2020-05-21 Memento Kanon (limited) with Holy Knights leader skill
2020-05-21 Event Rise of the Shield Hero added hell stage and rank up quest
2020-05-21 Event Those who Illuminate the World with job++ for Kanon, only Holy Knight units can be used
2020-05-14 Event Living in this Dirty World with Glanz JE+ and Monochrome Halberd for Rachel
2020-05-14 Unit Rachel with Babel War Art, G6, and temporary 100 shard quest and 25 shard mission
2020-05-14 Upgrade Glanz JE+
G6: Glanz, Su Yi, Birgitta, Cheryl, Gerald, Natalie, Daisy, Shayna, Gormalas, Hazel, Ravina, Leoniaz, Laura, Ishuna
New JE: Blademaster [Haze] for Glanz
Unit buffs: Birgitta, Daisy, Hazel, Anastasia, Leoniaz, Freed, Ishuna
Gear buffs: Birgitta VCR, Hazel VCR
Hazel memento VA buffed
Caris model refurbished
2020-05-14 Memento Rachel and Glanz (skin). Both part of Wratharis Knights leader group and Glanz original memento gains leader skill
2020-05-14 Feature New set effect for Avoidance Rate +10
New rune effect that resists reaction block
2020-05-14 Shop Coin exchange for ranked match, Coin exchange for Glanz event, Glanz event shop, Rise of the Shield Hero shop, New Caris skin
2020-05-14 Banner Rachel and memento, Glanz skin memento, Naofumi Iwatani and Raphtalia, new gear Asteria Brooch
2020-05-14 Campaign Free 10x summon daily for 8 days, Glanz challenge board with free unit and 375 shards, Anastasia gear stage rerun, Anastasia J+ rerun
2020-05-14 Event Ranked Match
2020-05-07 Event Fighting Quest! Soul Eater Mopping Battle
2020-05-01 Producer Letter #46 (April 2020): Golden week, Movie related news
2020-05-01 Banner 7 step gem return, Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, Firo, Rise of the Shield Hero memento, redraw unit summon, redraw shard summon
2020-05-01 Shop Rise of the Shield Hero coin exchange and memorial shop, Genesis coin exchange, Stay Home weekly shop, Leoniaz skin
2020-05-01 Event Rise of the Shield Hero box event, free unit Melty Merlot Marc with G6, gear for Melty, Naofumi, Raphtalia, Firo
2020-05-01 Unit Naofumi Iwatani with G6, Raphtalia with G6, Firo with G6, temporary quest with 100 shards for each unit and mission for 25 shards
2020-05-01 Memento Light That Shines into the Shield Hero (Naofumi and Raphtalia) and The Wishes of the Second Princess (Firo and Melty), memento leader skill for Rise of the Shield Hero for both mementos
2020-05-01 Master Ability Ankh, Carla, Lamia
2020-05-01 Upgrade G6: Carla, Ryle
Ryle unit buffs
2020-05-01 Event Orange Baloon Outbreak with gear Orange Balloon