Killer Gunlance

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Killer Gunlance
Killer Gunlance

5★‎ Gear
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Thunderer Gun Spearman Pure Water Gun Spearman

No requirements to equip
Type Weapon
Source VCR (Unsung Heroes)
Item Shard
Killer Gunlance Shard

A gun spear said to bring about confusion on the battlefield. It dispatches its enemies with the speed and intensity of a bolt of lightning thrown by Zeus himself. When all hope seems lost, its echoing shot heard across the battlefield encourages allies to fight on.

Attributes: Initial Jewels Up, PATK Up, PDEF Up, Pierce ATK Power Up. Unlocks Master Ability "Bursting Scintilla" (Thunder non-type ATK (Strong vs Water) to enemy unit [Range:5, Height Range: Unlimited])