Kunoichi Communicator

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Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS S 01.png
Kunoichi Communicator
Equippable on FgG collab units
Gear type
Accessory (Earring)
VCR (Squeaky Clean Kunoichi)
Release dates
  • GL: 2020-01-23
  • JP: 2019-06-01
Item shard
Kunoichi Communicator Shard
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A communication device used by the kunoichi from the otherworldly land of Zipangu. Orders from the shinobi village where the kunoichi are trained are distributed via this device. It allows kunoichi, who are the only defence against the dark forces looming over Zipangu, to be reached in all corners of the land.

Attributes: Max HP Up, Slash ATK Power Up, DEX Up, JUMP +1, Enables Master Ability "Abundant Chakra" when equipped on Shinobi Nightmare collab units (Recovers own Jewels & raises own AGI for three turns), Enables Master Ability "Refreshed Mobilization" when equipped on Sakura, Yuri, or Hiiragi (Nullifies all own statuses for three turns after appearing on map)

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
HP +600

DEX +40

Slash ATK Power +8


Gear Ability
Abundant Chakra

Refreshed Mobilization

Gear Abilities

Abundant Chakra
Recovers own Jewels & raises own AGI for three turns
Hiiragi Sakura Yuri Dark Princess Yomi Tsukuyomi Amaterasu
Refreshed Mobilization
Nullifies all own statuses for three turns after appearing on map
Hiiragi Sakura Yuri