Lovely Bodice

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Lovely Bodice
Lovely Bodice

5★‎ Gear
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Martial Artist Holy Brawler Holy Brawler+ Ninja Spy Ninja+ Spy+ Don of Little Heaven Karma's Dark Shadow Magic Martial Artist Continental Observer

Equippable on Holy Brawler, Martial Artist, Ninja, Spy, Rakshasa, Don of Little Heaven & Spiritbonder
Type Armor
Source VCR (To be a Lady)
Item Shard
Lovely Bodice Shard

Shayna made this bodice to spread the word about the "Way of Cuteness." It's very popular among her followers who aren't necessarily fans. It may be a stretch to say that it's the world's best bodice thanks to it flexibility and aesthetic appeal, but it is certainly a good one.

Attributes: Max HP Up, PDEF Up, Stop Res Up, Area ATK Res Up